No More Yo Yo Diet With Kickboxing Classes

How to beat the Yo Yo Diet Through Kickboxing Classes


Have you always found your weight loss and gain too be like a roller coaster? That’s what people refer to as the “Yo Yo Diet”, always going up and down with their weight loss and gain.  Always gaining weight then losing it, only to repeat this over and over again.  I ask you, how long do you want to be in shape and healthy for?  I’m pretty sure your answer would be for the rest of your life.

If that’s the case we need to find a nutrition plan and exercise program easy to stick too for a long period of time.  Most people go on diets, but if you spell diet what does the first three letters spell?  DIET, that’s the correct answer because you die when you go on these diets.  

Through a proper nutrition program not a diet, kickboxing classes and mma classes these two Tiger Schulmann’s Instructors got into the best shape of their lives.   

Now let’s look at what everyone joins in January and quits come February.  You probably answered the GYM.  Just like a diet, people suffer through the gym workouts, because there lack of discipline going into the gym prevents them from reaching their goals.  If everyone had discipline then the gym would work, but in reality nobody knows how to work the equipment, there not motivated and they end up quitting.  It’s more of a punishment then a reward to get in shape.

With our classes at the Tiger Schulmann’s in Nanuet it’s the opposite.  Each class is enjoyable for many reasons.  For one it’s an amazing workout, there is motivation from the beginning to the end of the workout.  You never have to think of a thing, each instructor is your coach.  Motivating, teaching and guiding you through every step of the class.  On the days that you might get stuck at work or you couldn’t make it in to class, be ready for a call from your instructor to see where you are.  Plus, you always walk away at the end of class feeling like you learned something and improved, because we teach authentic KICKBOXING and MMA.  Each instructor who has a minimum of 15 years of consistent training in Tiger Schulmann’s will make sure you always pick up something in each class.

Besides teaching how to make smart healthy choices with your daily eating habits, your instructor also helps you become empowered through our self defense program.  After a short time you will see the pounds melt off and over a long period of time you will see a healthy weight maintained and of course your stress level will go down big time from training here!  Come see for yourself at the Nanuet Tiger Schulmann’s!

 By Joshu Jared Salzman

 If you would like more information on our program at the Nanuet Tiger Schulmann’s in Rockland County New York call us at 845-501-4035


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