Panik Radio Show WRCR 1300AM Another Local Source to Air Your Ads

10 years ago Panik Radio show came across in a little room with the idea of bringing info to the community. A Community with many ethnic groups diverse culture and different needs.

Through good weather and bad storms Panik Radio Show has been able to provide information to a large group of resident within the Rockland Community.

Panik Show just celebrated it's 12 year anniversary. With the vision we hold we are striving not only to bring more to our radio program but also to bring appreciation to local businesses that make our town survive in this hard economy.

Panik Radio Show is in a search of bringing a taste of all the local business, institutions, industries to our Sunday show. Radio Panik who now runs under HARP - Haitian American Radio Panik show airs every Sundays on WRCR 1300 AM Rockland Radio from 7AM to 12PM.

Within that 5 hour slot we touch all areas that affect our society. From our Education, Social Cultural Religious segment to Health issues to local and international news brief to politics and entertainment we cover it all.

We not only sit as a team of 4 to bring you these scoops we actually bring in the people in question that has the answers to the listeners questions and concerns. We try to bring issues that relate to the facts of life, no one is left out on this show. But we cannot run a show without the feedback of the listeners.

Within our survey it has been brought to our attention to add another hour to our show and also to advertise some local businesses that haven't come across. Among them we are listing medical facilities, pharmacies, real estate business, local banks, car dealership which we already advertise for, restaurant, Taxi companies.

If you have a business and would like to advertise with us please do so. We are giving a special end of year rate to any new ads that you may want to advertise with us.

Be part of our special business promotion somebody out there is looking for the services your are providing. Speaking on behalf of the community thank you for your hard work and keeping your business in town in this tuff economy.

If you would like to take advantage of this special we have running or want to be a guest on our show please contact:

Darlene Roc
Haitian American Radio Panik Show
(845) 821-0501


Lesly Senatus
Vice President Haitian American Radio Panik Show 
(845) 300-9760


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