Blogs: School Taxes, Health Politics and More

Here's a roundup of popular blogs from Rockland readers published recently.

Leave your thoughts and opinion here, or head to the individual blogs to join the discussion. 

From New City Patch:
Charlie Daniels with .38 Special and Special Guest Ryan Vosler

Some pictures from the show ... at Provident Bank Park.  

See more photos here.

From Nanuet Patch: School Tax 2013

... since the new Mall will open this October 2013 why is the Tax Bill still rising ...

Do you have an answer? Comment here.

From Nyack-Piermont Patch: That Sinking Feeling

We feel obligated to see something through because we already invested a significant amount of time and/or money into it.

That really doesn’t make any sense. Sitting through a subpar performance, or eating a subpar meal does not improve your quality of life – why should your investments be any different?

Want advice on when to cut your losses? Read this.

From Pearl River Patch: Five Health Steps the System Does NOT Want You To Take

What if we were told to follow unhealthy health choices that would make us sick? What if the reason were to keep the big money machine going?

Share your take on the politics of health here. 


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