Digging for Geothermal Well Begins at Nanuet Library

It'll continue through Monday and Tuesday


The Nanuet Library Board of Trustees passed a resolution for Connecticut Wells to go ahead with the Geothermal Test well. Located between the library and school, behind the Nanuet Library sign on Church Street, the digging started today and will continue through tomorrow, Tuesday.

A geothermal well is an alternate way to heat and cool buildings and homes, according to Connecticut Wells, which offers this service to residential homes as well. 

Connecticut Wells works with architects and engineers by offering conductivity testing and test wells to determine an area’s performance and feasibility for geothermal energy.

Connecticut Wells' website says taht a small home can need two or three wells and a larger commercial project could require 50 to 60 wells. Studies show that approximately 70 percent of the energy used in geothermal systems is renewable energy from the ground. The remainder is clean electrical energy which is used to concentrate heat and transport it from one location to another. In winter, the ground absorbs solar energy and provides a barrier to cold air. In summer, the ground heats up more slowly than the outside air.

As a result, owners of geothermal systems typically enjoy utility bills that are 25-70 percent lower than with conventional systems. In addition, there are lower maintenance costs.

The board passed the resolution after the Nanuet Library Building committee met Feb. 7 and recommended that the board go ahead with the Geothermal Test well since the permit for the well expires in May. 

"I do know that they (the company) told us any results they find is permanent so if nothing is done right away, you’ve got information for later," said Bell. "In drilling in that spot, should the school want to do anything, it will be the same results for the schools."

Bell added that the library had been discussing this proposal for three or four years now.


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