Giant Crane Enters Canal, Gets New Name

On Wednesday, the NYS Thruway Authority announced the Left Coast Lifter, which we've grown to know so well we can call it LCL, has undergone a name change as it begins passage through the 50-mile Panama Canal. 

Bought by Tappan Zee Constructors for our Tappan Zee Bridge rebuild, the Left Coast Lifter as it was christened for its job doing the San Francisco-Oakland Bridge in California will now be the "I Lift NY," befitting our so-called New NY Bridge. 

It's also come to be called a super-crane, deservedly.

“New York has one of the world’s biggest floating cranes helping to build the state’s most ambitious infrastructure project of the 21st century,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo. “The I Lift NY super crane can lift the equivalent of up to 12 Statues of Liberty at once, shortening construction time by months and reducing project costs by millions of dollars.”

Read the full press release on the crane's size and power, and itinerary here in the Hudson, in the links above. And check out the great photos that keep coming to us gathered from one Vern Bouwman, a Navy ship historian who's just as obsessed with this crane as we are. 


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