Girl Scout Troop Disappointed By Shops At Nanuet Policy

Photo courtesy of Carol Ackerman
Photo courtesy of Carol Ackerman

Carol Ackerman said her New City Girl Scout Troop hoped to sell Girl Scout Cookies at The Shops At Nanuet. When she asked the Shops’ management for permission she was told the troop would be charged a fee - $175 to sell in the courtyard or $100 to sell on the perimeter.

Ackerman said she was angry, stunned and disappointed. The Rockland County native said she understands when a business says no to the request for girls to sell cookies but the troop has never been told they would have to pay. Ackerman said the troop earns 75 cents per box and would have sell 134 boxes just to cover the fee. The troop usually orders 12 cases of 12 boxes each, a total of 144 boxes, to sell when it goes to different locations.

“I felt that wasn’t right,” she said. “We’re part of their community.”

The Shops At Nanuet issued the following statement regarding their policy on organizations seeking permission to sell items. 

“The Shops at Nanuet evaluates every inquiry for access to the property individually. Anytime we consider a request by an outside organization to come to the property to sell a product, there is a fee structure involved. In this instance, we wanted to accommodate the Girls Scouts and offered them an extremely discounted rate.”

Ackerman said her troop of 11-year-old sixth and seventh graders would look elsewhere to sell the cookies in March. She said the 15 girls in Troop 40826 have been successful selling in front of grocery stores and restaurants and hoped to expand this year.

“I know that the Girl Scout House as already arranged for Girl Scout Week at the Palisades Mall - but it's so popular that they use a lottery system,” said Ackerman. “Last year we didn't get picked so this year we were trying to make our own plans.”

Ackerman said selling cookies is not actually about raising money but a learning experience because the girls develop a business plan. They learn how to sell, how to approach people and why some people will not buy or just ignore them.

“All of that is a life lesson to them," she said. 
rex merrins January 18, 2014 at 06:23 AM
Common Sense one more thing why dont the town of Nanuet get over it with Shops of Nanuet there are no good mix of stores its expensive Macys is horrible and Sears does nothing for the mall either.
Common Sense January 18, 2014 at 05:42 PM
My point being... Shops of Nanuet has no obligation to "cater" to anyone. I don't understand why people get so upset. Yes, Palisades doesn't charge... then go to Palisades. This, about Shops of Nanuet charging, is not newsworthy. I like the girl scouts and boy scouts, but if I had a store I wouldn't want them at my location neither. Like I said, I personally hate people asking for money. And, as for "no good mix of stores"... that's subjective. Apparently Apple thought otherwise... they closed shop at Palisades and moved to Shops of Nanuet. And, while I can't comment on what either Palisades or Shops of Nanuet charges for rent, I'd bet that you're going to see more stores moving from one mall to the other (either Pal. to SoN or the other way around). For the merchants, its who gives them the better deal. For me and you (or me, at least), its where the store that I need is.
rex merrins January 18, 2014 at 07:28 PM
Oh Jps a BANK mICHAEL kORS sURLATABLE ARE ALL EXPENSIVE FOR THIS AREA pALISADES HAS ABETTER mACYS lORD AND tAYLOR JCPENNEY tARGET dICKS mODELLS BEST BUY BATH AND BODY VICTORIAS SECRET GAP SEPHORA ARE ALL STAYING AT pALISADES, tHE WAY BUSINESS IS AT SHOPS MANY IN THIS AREA HAVE ALOT OF NEGATIVES ABOUT IT AND 5 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS IT WAS DEAD IN COMPARISON TO THE PALISADES MALL. SHOP RITE NOR THE MALL MINDS DOING FOR THE COMMUNITY SHOPS IS LOOKING FOR THE MONEY NOT BEING HOSPITABLE TO THE COMMUNITY.pALISADES IS PLANNING MANY MORE NEW STORES INCLUDING nORDSTROM rACK. POSSIBLY APPLE MAY COME BACK TO PALISADES AS WELL.mANY CUSTOMERS AT THE MALL ARE REQUESTING THEM TO BRING THEM BACK TO THE MALL. one store offered the stores that are at palisades to shops 5 months free rent then what they double the rents once that ends then what will simon property do. Is a mall war here because these stores left when palisades opened but simon didnt do anything to improve the old mall and kicked out Boscovs which are still in business. Rockland County dosent know how to patronize malls fairly like Bergen County does to The 5 Paramus Malls.
Common Sense January 19, 2014 at 03:56 PM
Well... at the very least, it forced Palisades Mall to clean itself up. Cause, they were getting very sloppy inside. I'm sure you've seen all the renovations inside since Shops at Nanuet came into light. Anyhow... my complaint is not about one mall being better than the other. Actually, no complaint at all. Just don't think its right for people to "expect" courtesy. That's why its called a "courtesy" and not a "right". But, hey, 95% of my Christmas and gift shopping is online. For that other 5%, if Shops of Nanuet is dead days before Christmas, that's good to know... cause I rather be where the crowds are less!
rex merrins January 19, 2014 at 05:42 PM
i d rather be at a mall where theres selection and not worry if my gifts are going to arrive on time after the fedex and ups problem and able to pay cash in a store than worrying about my credit info gets out as well bot that its not targets fault. It makes sense to go yo a large mall when it opens and leave when the crowds are coming. All malls need sprucing up anyway. Garden state Plaza and Paramus Park have rennovated their malls over the years. If it wasnt for Clarkstown forcing Simon to do something with the old mall it would still be sitting empty today.


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