Many Teens Attend Nanuet Library Babysitting Clinic

There will be another clinic in the fall


If you have a young child you need a babysitter for, you can rest a little easier knowing that many teens in the area are going through an informational babysitting clinic.

The Nanuet Library hosted a clinic for teens from grades 7-9 and Nanuet students, along with some from neighboring towns, attended the 3-course clinic. 

The first course is general babysitting information with a nurse, the second with a Clarkstown Police officer and the third one, last night, Vinny Pacella of the Nanuet Fire Department gave a presentation on fire safety. 

"They are alone with the kids and they're in charge. If somethign were to happen, it's good to have this type of information," said Pacella. 

During his presentation, he showed a slideshow of tips and facts on what to do in case of a fire while babysitting. There were also videos of how quickly fires can consume a home and how to properly act in situations. He stressed that when a house fire happens, they should get themselves and the kids out and stay out. 

Suzanne Congdon, the Teen Services coordinator at Nanuet Library, has organized this for three years now and because of its popularity, she'll be adding one in the fall.

"We usually have one in the spring, but will have one in the fall as well because of demand," said Congdon. "It's a good class and they learn a lot. Some boys come also."

Students must complete all three courses to receive a certificate. 

""The first one was informative and about how to get a babysitting job. The second one was about safety and strangers," said Nanuet 8th grader Lauren Jardine. 

"I liked learning about how to teach kids," said Henry Fisher of Nanuet, adding that of the three courses, he enjoyed the third one the most because he liked "learning about fire safety."

"(In the third course), it was interesting to see the grease fires," said Nanuet 8th grader Stephanie Mellin. "I liked the first one because it was about everyday babysitting."

Among Pacella's tips were what to do when there's a grease fire, microwave safety, escape routes and having a babysitter's emergency information card. They were advised against cooking while babysitting. 


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