Rockland Residents React To Storm Aftermath

The lines at gas stations and food shops are long. Let us know in the comments section of what you notice is open or closed around town


Check in with this Storm Hub for everything Sandy related. 

Tuesday afternoon, walking through the debris-covered parking lot near West Shore Towers on Piermont Avenue were three Nyack College freshman students who were out and about surveying the damage around town and to keep their minds off of their darkened, silent dorm rooms.

“The storm was pretty intense and intimidating,” said Dan MacIver. “Almost every building lost power.”

“The lights were flickering last night and then they just went out,” said Jordan yee.

“There’s no internet, no cable, nothing. There are some generators for some of the buildings,” said Evelyn Morales. “The water is out for one of the dorms too.”

Nyack College is “pretty bad, there are trees and wires down.” They added that parts of Nyack was not as bad as they thought it would be, although it was still very dangerous because of the downed wires and trees.

Over in Nanuet, there was a line of cars at the McDonald's on Route 59 in the early afternoon, but after a while, they realized no one's there. The lights are on, but the place is closed with a sign that says:

Welcome and thank you for coming

Our Restaurant will be closing today (Monday) at 1 p.m. We are projecting to open at 4 p.m. tomorrow (Tuesday) pending conditions. Please do call our store before 845-623-1157

One McDonald's worker said she was told to come back at 2 p.m. on Tuesday to get the place ready for business. She lives in Garnerville where she still has power, but no cable. 

Sure enough, at 4 p.m. the line of cars at McDonald's stretched all the way to Five Guys, according to some residents.

"This part of Nanuet is working, but not other parts," said Spring Valley's Irving Leijssius, who was in front of the McDonald's. "The storm was bad. I told my neighbor to cut her tree. Her tree was slanting after the last hurricane (Irene). It fell on my house and all the siding is gone. I called my insurance, but haven't gotten through."

Pathmark is open as well as other stores and gas stations in Nanuet. Most stores in the Rockland Shopping Center seem open. Line of cars at the Mobile gas station in Nanuet spilled into the Route 59 and Church Street/Smith Street intersection.

"Five Guys is open, but their line (of people) is going around all over the place. It's too busy. I should have come earlier," said Dr. Ernest Bart.


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