Banchetto Closes While New Place is Built

Expect their new place to be open this summer


Eddie Almeida surveys his restaurant for the last time in the Nanuet Mall on Tuesday. Mall Owner Simon Property closed the mall today, Wednesday, for its demolition and construction of the . Banchetto was one of still open on the Nanuet Mall's last day.

"Today's our last day," said Almeida, co-owner of . Banchetto will close temporarily until the new building is constructed. 

"In two weeks, we're going to break ground. It'll be located directly opposite of the end of Stop & Shop as you're driving into the mall property," said Almeida. "We're going to hopefully open in June or July."

He plans to keep some furniture and most of the kitchen equipment since it'll be costly to replace. "There will be some new furniture also." 

For now, he recommends the other Banchetto location—301 Center Ave, Westwood, NJ—which is only seven miles away. 

"The people of Rockland County have been very supportive," said Almeida. "We wouldn't have made it without them. We have great memories of all of our wonderful customers."


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