Somebody's Mom: Breakfast at Country Kitchen

I'm a little bit country, at breakfast time.

I found this little card in my coupon bag in my car, —15 percent off menu. I had never heard of Country Kitchen in Pelham Manor, but the coupon was a great motivator for trying someplace new for breakfast.

A bright pleasant Sunday morning, I and my breakfast buddies ventured out for Country Kitchen. Even though it has been opened for one year already, it looked brand spanking new. Probably it also had to due with the fact that our 9:40 a.m. arrival it was fairly empty. But by 10:15 a.m., tables all around us were starting to fill up. 

Let me say first off, all of us were very happy with the coffee. “Outstanding” was mentioned as well as the fact that we were given our very own carafe of coffee to keep on the table. It really is great to be able to pour just the right amount of hot coffee whenever you want it.

Please accept my apologies before I go any further for the photos of our breakfast. Like the Girl Scout co-leader I was, I come prepared with camera and notebook ready to every breakfast review. Each of us at the table is an early riser—that said we practically attacked our food when it came. At 10 a.m. you can be very hungry if you have been up since 5:30 a.m. Then I realized I had forgotten to take the pictures first! That explains the teeth marks in the food photos.

Our order was as follows: waffle, vegetable omelet with pancakes on the side, egg white omelet with tomatoes with pancakes on the side and toast. A great option with your omelet is you can order pancakes or toast.  

We all opted to try the pancakes. Well, we were not prepared for the very generous portions of our breakfast order. The omelets had sautéed fresh tomatoes and broccoli in the vegetable one. The food was served steaming hot and presented on the tray with very appealing results. The eggs of the omelet were fluffy and not greasy.

The side of hash browns was tasty and surprisingly not over seasoned like other restaurants.  Voted cooked to perfection and delicious were the pancakes, even though I could only eat a half of one. The flower-shaped waffle was also a bit thicker than a regular waffle and a bit doughy. 

There was a choice of three syrups: maple, just right; butter pecan, smooth and not overbearing in flavor, and Boysenberry, good without being too sweet. 

Our server Diana Gray from “Da Bronx” served us with a smile considering we had her head spinning with our crazy way of ordering everything. On the way out we made sure to let the manager know she was a great waitress. 

Country Kitchen is a franchise that is well managed and customer friendly. The bill was economical at $40.57 without tip, considering my husband had almost two large pancakes taken home to him in a goody bag.

Now if Country Kitchen would have served real butter instead of the processed whipped blend of who knows what, then breakfast would have been a 100 percent successful all around.

Country Kitchen
810 Pelham Parkway
Pelham Manor
Phone: 914-633-5000  

Mariann Raftery, creator of Somebody's Mom blog, cooks up comfort food recipes for families here at home, as well as sending homemade cookie care packages to our American soldiers overseas. Somebody's Mom Cooking videos at  http://www.youtube.com, search "Thesomebodysmom".


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