Nanuet Gets Lottery Fever; Jackpot at $640 Million

The gas stations and lotto-carrying mini-stores in town saw a lot of people coming and going all day


The  propped open their door today because of the nice weather and because of the steady flow of lottery hopefuls coming and going today. The unprecedented prize is the reason—the Mega Million Jackpot, a multi-state lottery game, is currently up to $640 million.

Stan, who's lived in Nanuet for 15 years, came in to test his luck. He's bought about $60 so far and plans to buy another $20 or $40 more. 

"If I win, I'll go to Hawaii and play guitar," he said. He has five guitars already but said that he'll buy a Jimi Hendrix one with his winnings if he's lucky. "I'll also take my dogs to the vet and pay for my daughter's knee surgery. I'l donate to poor people too. When I drive my truck around and see the homeless, my heart breaks."

Scott Liebert, president of the Nanuet Rotary, came into Corner News also to get his numbers. 

"(If I win) I want to give money to my church, get a house on Cape Cod and quit working," he said. He added that he plans to never do laundry again, just throw out his clothes after one use and buy new clothes each time.

A little down Main Street at Jimmy's on Main, Jimmy Guarasci also plans on donating some of his money. 

"I'll go on my dream vacation, donate some money to local charities to help Rockland County in any way," said Guarasci. "I also want to take care of my family."

Right next door, Katie Fitzgerald was working at her family's store——and said that if her family were to win the jackpot, they would probably go on a family vacation to the Bahamas and use some of it for college tuition. 

Get your numbers and tune in tonight at 11 p.m. on Channel 7. 


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