Nanuet Residents Stock Up To Hunker Down (VIDEO)

Grocery stores and Costco were packed with cars and people get food and gas. Businesses are closing early and are expecting slow turnout


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The snow is falling fast and roads are slushy at best. Still people are still going out to prepare for the snow storm.

John Graziano was one of many at the Stop and Shop in Nanuet.

“It think (the storm) is going to be terrible … not as bad as Sandy though. I’m not a fan of snow. I’m getting snacks and food so we can have a nice toasty weekend at home,” said the Nanuet father. “(The kids) are excited that there’s no school and are playing in the snow.”

He added with a laugh, “I’ll be out there with them (the kids) I guess. I have no choice.”

Another Nanuet mother, Mavelin Mareles, had two young children in tow at Stop and Shop.

“We’re stocking up for the weekend because we’re planning to be cooped in. I’m going to Michaels to pick up some arts and crafts for them. My daughter wants to make valentine’s gifts,” she said. “The lights on Main Street (in Nanuet) are already out and we hope we don’t lose our lights or power either.”

Over at Costco in Nanuet, people near and far are coming to stock up on everything from generators and gas to food and supplies. Sharon Reissman was waiting in front with two cartfuls waiting for her friend to pull her car around.

“My best friend and I, we each have our carts filled to the top,” said Reissman, who came up from New Jersey to shop. “The police area saying we’re going to have between 10 – 14 inches. I expect to be in the house until Sunday night so we got plenty of good food to cook.”

“I don’t think it’ll be as extreme as Hurricane Sandy, but it’ll be pretty bad,” said Kensley and Kenny from Hillcrest. They were with their father at Costco buying food. They had joined the long lines at the Costco gas station to fill about four or five red gas containers in their trunk. “We got a generator today too.”

Tarantella Restaurant & Pizzeria Owner Pal Nikollaj nursed a bowl of soup while sitting at the front of his store looking out on Main Street in Nyack. He said he’s not scared of the snow storm.

“I’m from Europe where I’ve seen three or six feet of snow. Right now it’s not too bad yet. I feel bad for the businesses though,” he said, adding that he plans to stay open as long as possible. “New York is one of the best places to get pizza. I’ve got to service the people. We’re not going to close until the very last second. I don’t know how bad it’ll get. Sometimes they say it’ll be bad and it’s not that bad. Sometimes they say it’s not too bad and it’s really bad. We’ll see what happens.”

Kevin Looney of Hickory Dickory Dock said that they’re going to close early today, but are going to be open this weekend.

“My wife owns Hickory Dickory Dock, which has been around for 25 years. Business is probably going to be slow with the storm,” he said. “I think with the blizzard tonight, tomorrow, people are going to be scrambling for power. We’re going to close early today and get home and do some cooking.”

Nyack Resident Alan, who is a regular at Olive’s, has a generator already and had stocked up yesterday already.

“I went shopping last night and stocked up and bought candles,” he said. “I think it’s going to be rough. I think today it’s going to be medium and tomorrow morning people are going to be shocked to see 8-10 inches. I think tomorrow when people step outside and the silence from the snow on everything. We need one of those days this winter. We haven’t had any (big snowfalls) yet. We’ve fallen out of being used to it.”  


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