Pet Nutrition Doubles in Size

Pet Nutrition, which has been in business for over 30 years, doubles its space to 15,000 sq. ft. Pet Nutrition now offers warehouse prices on the largest variety of pet foods in the county.

Doubling in size is actually nothing new for Marty Fazio's Pet Nutrition in Nanuet. This is the third time that his business has doubled in square footage from his grand opening in each location he has occupied. All locations happened to be on Rt. 59.

"In 1979 an opportunity came along to buy a pet food business in a little strip mall and it's been growing ever since," said Fazio, who followed in his father's and uncle's footsteps by owning his own business. He knew it would be hard work, but didn't mind. "When you have your own business, you get out what you put in," he added.

Now he wants to give back. His business regularly contributes to the People to People Fund and Hi-tor Strays, who he said will soon back to offer pet adoptions every Saturday.

The first location grew from 700 sq. ft. to 1400 sq. ft. near Spring Valley Optical, the second location just down the road from where he is now was 2800 sq. ft.  He moved to his present location which was 7100 sq. ft. and this location has expanded to include what was formerly an auto parts store, which had been empty for a while next door to him. This latest expansion will bring his business to a grand total of 15,000 sq. ft.

The newly expanded area, to the right as you walk in, is due to open in less than a week. It will hold all of the bags of food that he is able to buy and store in bulk amounts which will be offered at "warehouse type pricing." Fazio said that prices will be cheaper than Costco and many prices cheaper than Walmart.

"We will have the most selection of anybody in the County."

"People will be shocked," said Fazio. "We carry every brand you've ever heard of." Pet Nutrition carries dog food from at least fifteen different dog food companies. In addition to dog food, they offer cat food, goat and chicken food, cracked corn, whole corn, hay, alfalfa, duck, deer, small animal and all other wild and domestic bird foods. They used to carry horse food, but discontinued selling it due to customer irregularity.

One of his biggest markets for pet food happens to be chicken food. More and more people are raising their own chickens. When asked about growing trends in the pet food market, he replied, "People are turning to healthier foods for their pets and paying attention to ingredients. They want to feed their pets what they themselves eat."

The original store offers six aisles of everything from pet toys, beds, treats, natural dog treats and biscuits, canned foods, dental care products, food storage bins, bowls, placemats, scoopers, leashes, collars and car seats. These aisles from the front to the back of the store and are clearly marked for customers to find whatever they are looking for. At one time Fazio's two children worked in the business, but they are now both school teachers.

When asked if he thinks the store will expand again, he smiled and answered, "Nah, this is probably it."


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