Tallest Ropes Challenge Course Coming to Rockland

The five-level, custom designed ropes adventure course will stand 85 feet tall making it the tallest indoor course in the world

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A new aerial adventure is about to begin construction at Palisades Center. The Palisades Climb Adventure will add to the eclectic entertainment mix at Palisades Center and will offer a fun and unique experience for visitors. 

The five-level, custom designed ropes adventure course will stand 85 feet tall making it the tallest indoor course. It will be located within the center court atrium, with access on level 4. 

Located indoors, the ropes course offers a year-round weather-proof challenge for families and adventurers of all ages. The course is designed with the physical fitness experience level of each participant in mind. More advanced athletes will discover a challenge while "just for fun" climbers will experience a sense of accomplishment as they navigate through the course. The course will be of varying design and difficulty and will have capacity for 75 guests at a time.

It will contain 75 different challenge elements, including a tremor bridge, tension traverse, a vertical rope ladder, a quarter cargo net, a two line rope bridge, an alternating spaghetti handline and a three line lumber rope bridge. Each element includes a different ropes configuration such as bridges, tight ropes, loops and balance beams, obstacles present challenges of strength, balance and agility. 

“The Palisades Climb takes adventure to new heights,” said Darrin Houseman, General Manager. “This is thrilling experience for families to engage in physical activity while having fun.” 

Safety is a top priority for Palisades Climb. A seat and chest harness is connected to a cable that keeps guests on the track. Once guests are hooked in with the harness and cable, they are not able to get off the ropes course track until they exit the course. 

“The ropes challenge course will be an exciting new feature at Palisades Center,” said LeeMarie Dell’Accio, Director of Marketing. “We can’t wait to open and have our visitors climbing the world’s tallest indoor ropes course.” 

Construction on the facility will continue throughout December, and the attraction is expected to open toward the middle of the month in time for the holidays. 


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