This Week's Spotlight: Huntington Learning Center

Local tutoring center provides an array of services to students.

Name:Huntington Learning Center
Location: 58 E. Route 59, Nanuet, NY
Director: Andrea Yoson

As the third week of school commences students, parents and teachers are getting back into the groove of homework, projects, tests and college prep exams. Not wasting a minute getting back into the swing of school can be exciting for some but overwhelming for others.  The Huntington Learning Center on Route 59 in Nanuet, is a local tutoring/eduction center where students and parents can go to for extra help.

"Here in Nanuet, we are very proud to bring the Huntington mission 'to give every student the best education possible' into our community. Hundreds of students come through our center each year and we work individually with each one to help them achieve their goals," said Andera Yosson, Director at the Nanuet Huntington Learning Center location.

With the economy in tough times, some school districts have been forced to reduce the number of teachers, therefore, causing an increase in class size which is not accommodating for all students. Larger classes can mean less attention to students needs especially if they are struggling. Huntington Learning Center offers multiple specialized subject areas.

At Huntington they work mostly with students in grades K-12. But they do offer tutoring to college students as well as adults.

According to Yoson, the programs fall within three key areas:

1 - Academic Skills which is for students in grades K-12, who are struggling with schoolwork. We offer an individualized program that identifies the students’ strengths and weaknesses and targets specific areas in need of improvement.  This program covers basic skills including:  Reading, Writing, Math, Study Skills, Spelling, Vocabulary and Phonics.

2 - Subject Tutoring which is for students in Middle School through College. We offer subject specific tutoring for Math and Science including:  Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  We also offer tutoring for all AP Math and Science courses.

3 - Exam Prep – For students taking major standardized tests. We offer programs designed to address the content and style of each exam for SAT/PSAT, SAT, state tests, ISEE, SSAT, COOP, GED, ASVAB, Regents and other standardized tests.

All the teachers that work with the students are certified with at least a four year degree, if not a masters degree. Most of the tutors are current or former teachers.  Yoson, herself, has a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics.

"I lead an amazing team that includes a large pool of qualified caring teachers.  It is an amazing place to work because I get to see miracles happen every day," said Yoson.

If you are thinking about getting extra help for your child it is worth stopping in and discussing your needs. The center is flexible and will work around your schedule. 

"Tens of thousands of students from across the country come to Huntington each year because they trust us to provide them with the skills, confidence and motivation to be successful.  For over thirty five years Huntington has been a leader in the tutoring industry."

If you don't live in Nanuet there are multiple locations, you can find one close to your town by checking the website.


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