U-Me Sushi to Come Out with Catering Menu

U-Me Sushi Hibachi Japanese restaurant in Nanuet has a catering menu in the works due to come out in about a month.

Owner Margaret Cupak opened U-Me Sushi Hibachi Japanese restaurant in Nanuet 26 years ago. After two additions to expand her business space, she's working on adding a catering menu, which will be finished in about a month.

The catering menu will showcase items on the restaurant's sushi special menu such as the most popular order, the Monster Roll. The catering menu will be broken down into platters of varying categories such as: rolls, sushi, sushimi or a combination. The packages will, of course, have bulk sizes such as a platter of 50, 80 or 100 sushi. These numbers are still up in the works as Margaret finalizes the menu. 

Margaret's son-in-law John joined the business a year and a half ago. His favorite the sushi roll "Something Spicy."

The restaurant has gone through two major changes since it first opened. It has been at its current location for 21 years starting out as just a sushi bar. Kenny is the head sushi chef and he works with two other chefs on busy nights. Kenny worked in Manhattan as a sushi chef before joining U-Me Sushi six years ago. He said he moved because he wasn't a city boy.

Margaret expanded the restaurant with a lounge area first. The lounge area has a piano and an open area for music and bands. It also serves as a room for private parties and a waiting area equipped with Mahjong and a Wii game system.

The second addition was the hibachi where chefs cook in front of the customers  on tabletop grills. After both additions, her restaurant more than doubled in size. On each of the four hibachi tables, there are two cooking stations and a chef. Each table seats 18 to 20 people with a maximum of 25. Hibachi starts at 2:30 and customers can order dishes such as hibachi lobster and filet mignon. The head hibachi chef is Bobby. 

One first-timer, Renee Demott had high compliments for the restaurant.

"The monster roll is really awesome and the band is rockin'," she said. "The place is big and the staff is really nice."

There are comedy shows during the winter months starting in October or November. Many famous faces have stopped by such as CBS correspondent Bill Geist. Saturdays nights are usually accompanied by a band and music.

David Allen is the guitarist and singer of the band Night Flight. They performed at U-Me Sushi for the first time Saturday night.

"It's a great sounding room," Allen said of the hibachi room where he and his band were performing.

The servers wear traditional Japanese dresses called Kimonos on Friday and Saturday. There is also a kid's corner full of toys to keep the little ones busy.


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