Help the Taxpayers First, Before Yourselves

Call your State Assemblymember, State Senator, and Governor Cuomo's office to demand that Mandate Relief is part of the package if our State Legislator's want a pay raise.

Rockland County is in dire straights financially because of years of poor planning and bad budget practices. Over the past several months, the county has passed costs along to the five towns, such as charging to hold our town and village elections, charging for students who go to SUNY schools outside of the county just to name a couple.

In response, the five towns have begun the process of planning to charge the county for maintenance of the roads, lighting, and other services.

In my opinion, I believe the real issue is being lost in all the arguing back and forth between the county and the towns. What we truly need in this state is mandate relief.

What is mandate relief, you might be scratching you head and asking? Quick answer: The state passes down certain costs to all over New York's 62 counties, school districts, towns and villages. Examples include pension costs for county and town workers, costs associated with testing students, early intervention, and Medicaid to name just a few.

The state, in return, passes these costs along without giving any of the government entities some of the money to help soften the blow, and in the end the most of the costs get passed onto to the local taxpayers.  If mandate relief is passed in New York, many of the problems that face not only our county, but also the rest of our school districts, towns and villages would be a giant weight lifted off us, the taxpayers shoulders.

I urge residents to call your State Assembly member, State Senator, and Governor Cuomo's office to demand that mandate relief is part of the package if our state legislator's want a pay raise.

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Watchdog August 08, 2012 at 06:38 PM
So unless NJ residents pick up the tab, we will still pay State taxes instead of County taxes. It is the COST of government, primarily pensions and health benefits that is killing us. ALSO, the abuse of Medicaid, CHILDCARE ETC., ETC largely by the BLOC. Hasidic population. I am told that 90% of our real estate taxes go toward programs for the Hasidic BLOC. .
Mike August 09, 2012 at 12:04 PM
Real issue: Government must learn to live within its means.
Tom Robbins August 09, 2012 at 08:32 PM
I agree with the last sentence, call them but urge them to cut spending, eliminate pensions for public workers.Cost of Government day in NY this year was August 6th. meaning we would need a FLAT Tax of roughly 75% to pay for all our spending. Enough.


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