Commuters vs. Tennis Courts?

Tarrytown Metro-North Station parking has always been tight and expensive, now it's a mess, and residents and nonresidents alike are voicing their discontent.


A good portion of the commuter lot at Tarrytown's Netro-North station is now fenced off as trucks and asphalt operations take over.

Many commuters, who pay much for the dubious privilege of trying to find a space in this already congested lot, are surprised to discover it's not more parking they will get from this construction but...tennis courts. 

Another parking lot is currently under construction further down Lower Green Street. A temporary lot, with giant signs saying so, is open adjacent to the Senior Center. 

But, all in all, it's a buzzing hot scene down on the river side of the train station, and people are getting a little hot and bothered about it. 

Just today, I received numerous angry e-mails on the situation, coinciding with a flurry of Village Parking announcements, and I will jump into both tomorrow. Until then, I leave you with images from the post-war rebuild...or so it seems. 

Thoughts on the construction of a tennis court in the middle of a parking lot, the parking situation in general, the price you pay for congested lots? Tell us in the comments.

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Ben August 11, 2012 at 01:32 AM
DJR August 11, 2012 at 11:30 AM
@Ben: Maybe because there is the one or other Nanuet resident who uses that lot to commute into New York City to make a living and to pay taxes in Nanuet? PS: Your caps lock was on....


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