The 'Gay Agenda'

What is the 'Gay Agenda' and what are we pushing....


Last week, I posted my first blog on the Patch regarding the Boy Scouts of America's unjust policy of discriminating against LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) parents and scouts. While scanning the comments, one contributor wrote [sic], “The Gay Agenda is not in the Majority on this issue. Most of America is against this huge media push to push everything Gay onto America.”

The writer citied a MSN poll as empirical evidence. ( I did politely point out to the reader that polls such as that are not scientific and can not be generalized to the population and pointed to a Gallup poll that shows different findings http://www.gallup.com/poll/154634/Acceptance-Gay-Lesbian-Relations-New-Normal.aspx ).

Nonetheless, I did find the idea of the “Gay Agenda” interesting. I started to ask myself what is the “Gay Agenda?” And what is it that we are “pushing”...? 

Yes, as social justice activists, we have an agenda. This agenda is based on the notion that all Americans deserve equality. This is an agenda that says LGBT youth should be able to go to school without fear of being harassed, beat-up, or killed.

Our agenda is that brave men and women can and should be able to serve in our United States Military openly and honestly. Our agenda is that loving and committed couples should be recognized by the state and federal government through marriage. Our agenda is that LGBT  people should not be fired from our jobs because of who we are.  

And most importantly, the Gay Agenda is the Women’s Agenda, the Black Agenda, the Working Class Agenda, the American Agenda, the Human Agenda. The Gay Agenda is part of an intersectional movement towards eliminating unfair obstacles, providing opportunities for the marginalized, and imagining a world where each person can live and grow to our capacity. 

While writing this post, I found myself drawn to the words of Dr. Cornel West: “To accept your country without betraying it, you must love it for that which shows what it might become. America -- this monument to the genius of ordinary men and women, this place where hope becomes capacity, this long, halting turn of 'no' into the 'yes' -- needs citizens who love it enough to re-imagine and re-make it.” 

My challenge to all of us is to look deep within ourselves and 're-imagine' our world: Ask yourself: what kind of world do I want to leave for the next generation?

My answer is “simple”: I want to leave a world where women are respected and not abused, raped and murdered by men, where people of color are not fueling the prison industrial complex and have equal access to all of our institutions, where working class families don't have to worry about feeding our families, where LGBT people aren’t being killed because of who we love, where immigrants are provided a safe route to citizenship, and where all people are respected and valued. In short, I envision the Gay Agenda. 

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Walt August 02, 2012 at 02:37 PM
The turnout at the Paramus Chick-fil-a yesterday was amazing. I waited close to an hour on line and the line was just as long when I ordered my food as it was when I got on it. It was wonderful to see so many people support Dan Cathy's freedom of speech and are against the left's, the media and certain politician's attack on it. Watch how fast the Democrats swim away from this whirlpool that they created.
Watchdog August 02, 2012 at 04:04 PM
I AM offended because it destroys the institution of marriage which has been defined as between a man and a woman for hundreds if not thousands of years.
Mike August 02, 2012 at 05:22 PM
Man talk about double speak! So you teach your kids to be tolerant but not to be tolerant when there is an opposing perspective. This is what you wrote and really we need to thank you b/c I think it accurately reflects the attitude of most people on the left. No one argues that discrimination in any kind is wrong both morally and civilly. But that is not what we are discussing here. We to a certain extent must accept laws (although I would argue immoral laws can be opposed), but you can't force anyone to ACCEPT that a practice or lifestyle is ok. As I indicated before, tolerance IS NOT the same thing as acceptance.
Mike August 02, 2012 at 06:12 PM
I think most people came out b/c just as with the hhs mandate which is forcing people to violate their religious liberties, people are just angry that a citizen who happens to run a succesful business cannot apperently practice his freedom of speech without being threatened financially by goon squads consisting of Democrat mayors from large American cities. Its ok when a Hollowywood star or some idiot rock start attacks conservative and religious people, but heaven forbid someone voices their OPINION which is in opposition to these folks.
Lady Madonna August 03, 2012 at 01:34 PM
Please, Walt. The great majority of people on line at the restaurants are those who are anti-gay marriage. Period. Had Dan Cathy said that he hates black people, or even better, that women don't belong in the workforce and should be home cooking dinner and vacuuming, would people still be lining up to support his freedom of speech? And Watchdog, gay marriage offends you? The institution of marriage is already destroyed. Look at the divorce rate. Look at how many people are out there cheating on their spouses. Marriage is a formal confirmation of two people's love for one another. Why should this offend you, regardless of who those two people are? I surely hope that you don't ever have a child or grandchild who is gay and wants to get married to the same sex. Let me guess...you wouldnt LET your child be gay, right?


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