Campaign Already Underway For Next Year's Elections

Candidate declares for Ramapo Town Supervisor


Dear Editor:

Congratulations to all of the winners of Tuesday night’s elections, The night was an evening for celebration and the end of this year's long battles in our political arena.

As it is said the day after Election Day starts the work for next year’s elections and political challenges to proceed forward. Wednesday was the first day of campaigning for the 2013 election season.

As most, if not everyone already, knows that I am running for Ramapo Town Supervisor. I have tested the waters and have been received very well, and with open arms along with many bids of confidence and commitments from our Towns residents for me to continue this quest to build a new Ramapo, a Ramapo of pride, a Ramapo of community solidarity. We need to accomplish this together and together we will accomplish this goal.

Now, my work begins bringing all of our communities together and removing the wedges which were driven in to divide us. We are one of the most diverse Towns in Rockland and we will be a Town which everyone will turn to and copy because we will be a Town of success, prosperity and most of all a Town of open government. With all that has to be done for the people of Ramapo, I must call upon all of our residents, young and old, rich or poor, to join together with me to make our Town a success and a Town that everyone will envy.

I will be planning a lot of gatherings, meet and greets, fund raisers, meetings to obtain input on what everyone sees and the needs for our Town, engaging from our young to our seniors, etc. all beginning this month and continuing throughout. All are invited and encouraged to attend. This is an open invitation to all and not just the few.

I know that everyone has seen or heard “GOLDMAN 2013” Now it is time to make it a reality. So I come before you and say, “SCOTT GOLDMAN for your elected Town of Ramapo Supervisor 2013”.

Scott Goldman


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