Clarkstown Taxpayers Do Not Endorse Town Garage Consolidation

Group says comprehensive plan needed before action taken.


Dear Editor: 

The Clarkstown Taxpayers have actively pushed the Clarkstown Town Board to
pursue any consolidation of its government services if it could save money  for the taxpayers.  However, in the case of the planned consolidation of the three town garage, which our group initially pushed, the Town Board has not demonstrated to us or the public that they have carefully analyzed the potential savings or expenses associated with this consolidation.

Therefore, until a thorough business plan is developed, as they did with the
consolidation of the Receiver of Taxes' office with the Town Clerk's office, that shows the pros and cons of consolidation with the specific expenses and savings delineated, the Clarkstown Taxpayers can not endorse the consolidation of the three town garages at this time.

Guy Gervasi
Clarkstown Taxpayers

George C June 12, 2012 at 12:45 PM
As is typical with local government, it's not all that it seems. Early on during the time of the vote to make the Highway superintendent an appointed position, residents were told that this needed to be done to consolidate the town garages and save close to 400k per year. Fast forward to today, and we see no projected savings, just comments about, lets try this or that and see what happens. It seems that there needs to be a new position created that will eliminate any savings. Additionally, Supervisor Gromack never lays off or eliminates any filled position, he waits until the person retires, or in Marsha Coopersmiths case, she is no longer of value to him. This is why the consolidation may never save any money.
Guy Gervasi June 13, 2012 at 11:43 AM
Dear BenRound, The Clarkstown Taxpayers have continued to push for government consolidation at all levels because in most cases consoldations save the taxpayers money. As an outside group, we are not privy to the specifics numbers of any particular consolidation and expect, and in fact demand, that these numbers come from the Supervisor, who is proposing this consolidation. Sadly, these numbers for this proposed consolidation were never given to the public. It is sad that you feel that the Clarkstown Taxpayers have a political agenda because our only agenda is to try to lower the taxes for the residents of Clarkstown. Finally, you need to get your facts straight the Clarkstown Taxpaxpayer group is NOT a political Action committee. Guy Gervasi President Clarkstown Taxpayers
amy durbin June 14, 2012 at 09:56 AM
Mr. Benround: First of all it is difficult to respond to someone who is afraid to give their real name when the Clarkstown Taxpayers always give the writer's name. Secondly, when the Clarkstown Taxpayers do decide to endorse a candidate for local election it is because we feel that this candidate will do a better job in reducing taxes. Amy Durbin Recording Secretary Clarkstown Taxpayers


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