Clarkstown Town Attorney Did Not Properly Vet Savino

Attorney endorsed hiring Joseph Savino who is now facing federal charges of bribery


Dear Editor

Amy Mele Must Go 

Clarkstown Town Attorney Amy Mele must resign or be fired. She failed to properly vet Mr. Jay Savino. Her recommendation for his retention appears in the resolution through which he was retained. When her recommendation and her vetting process were questioned, she was adamant in her endorsement of Mr. Savino. She brushed away all evidence of concern about his moral character, in particular evidence from a wiretap that suggested that he was interfering with the orders of a Federal Judge. She recently drafted a resolution for his continued retention and again strongly endorsed him. 

Now Mr. Savino has confirmed the doubts about his moral character by being found in a Federal investigation to have accepted a bribe. So Ms. Mele’s vetting and repeated endorsements demonstrate gross incompetence in the performance of her duties for the Town. That alone is sufficient grounds for resignation or dismissal.

Further questions remain about her ties to Mr. Savino and the Town Board should be asking those questions and reporting back to the taxpayers of the Town who paid her salary. 

The Town Board needs to be as decisive on this matter as they were with terminating the contract with Mr. Savino.

Tom Nimick
New City

stephany April 05, 2013 at 12:39 AM
http://tinyurl.com/ckrkjnu as i previously stated charles holbrook switched out the retiring deputy town attorney David Wagner for his daughter amy wagner mele in jan 2004. the link above [page 7] is available to see what her duties 4 months later and were a mere 20 months before she was made town attorney. it does not mean she was not still doing the purchaing up till she was promoted. it does appear she was hired as a purchasing agent. possibly with no purchasing experience.. I might also mention that David Wagners departure seems to be arbitrary. i believe he was on the payroll in 06/13/73 30 1/2 yrs previous. pretty convenient time to retire ! PURCHASING DEPARTMENT Amy Wagner-Mele, Deputy Town Attorney Responsible for purchasing all supplies and equipment used by the town. did we really need a deputy town attorney to do purchasing. or was this just her way into the inner sanctum. who was doing it before her. there is absolutely no mention of any other duty she had only purchasing. as i recall the soon to exit Holbrook was under fire for more than a few things.Did he know he was leaving soon, did gromack and the backroom gang know. did they all know john costa was leaving in 2 yrs thereby opening up the town attorney spot and amy had to be there with time in to fill it. i imagine these sweet dep town attorney jobs do not open up too often so when the opportunity presents itself you must strike
Clarkstown Observer April 08, 2013 at 06:38 PM
Michael Hull, you really need to get your facts straight when you talk about who is having breakfast with who and as far as your potential informant to the FBI maybe they should start looking at you instead of everyone you are pointing the finger at. Mike Hirsch how dare you even criticize anyone when you yourself was convicted of a misdemeanor and a felony for which you are paying 59K. You keep saying you were not convicted of a felony, then why are you paying 59K? You should just go away and look for a job and stop injecting your thoughts against other people. You know the old saying about “People in glass houses”:
Watchdog April 08, 2013 at 07:58 PM
Clarkstown observer, this is your first post.,How long have you been observing? Not too long I suspect. Mike Hull is not the problem. Town Hall is. Perhaps you should observe a little longer and closer before you attempt to slander someone.
stephany April 08, 2013 at 08:03 PM
" You keep saying you were not convicted of a felony, then why are you paying 59K?" what does paying 59k have to do with a felony EXPLAIN
INTHEKNOW April 08, 2013 at 08:59 PM
You keep saying you were not convicted of a felony, then why are you paying 59K?" what does paying 59k have to do with a felony EXPLAIN As I understand it, Old Mike took a plea and has to make restitution. If he fails to pay back the 59k, the deal is off, and he joins the ranks of the non voters.


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