Former Sheriff Says Legislator Supports Law Enforcement

James Kralik writes that Harriet Cornell has been an advocate for public safety.


To the Editor:

I feel the need to respond to Legislator Ed Day’s remarks concerning Harriet Cornell, Chairwoman of the Rockland County Legislature, specifically suggesting that Mrs. Cornell was in some way hostile to the law enforcement community.  I can, without hesitation, state that as a Legislator and as Chairwoman, Mrs. Cornell has been a steadfast supporter of the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department and our municipal police services in Rockland County.

While we might occasionally have a difference of opinion on an issue, it does not alter the fact that she has consistently, and often courageously, supported the public safety efforts of our law enforcement community.

She was a leader in the effort to bring Rockland County into the fight against terrorism, and in fact, Mrs. Cornell and I served as Co-Chairs of the Rockland County Homeland Security Task Force, which has served as a national guidepost for local law enforcement collaboration to identify and safeguard areas that may be vulnerable to terrorist attacks.  It was thanks in large part to Chairwoman Cornell’s leadership that we were able to conduct a comprehensive, countywide review and enhancement of procedures and laws designed to protect our children, our schools, and our families in their homes.

James F. Kralik
Retired Sheriff
Rockland County

Andrew Wiley February 28, 2013 at 01:30 PM
Why are you even getting involved in this? Were you asked or instructed by someone to come to the Mrs Cornell aid? Couragouesly as chair her leadership raised property taxes 48%+. Now that takes courage.
Harvey Cedars February 28, 2013 at 02:01 PM
After reading the above, I am an even greater supporter of Ed Day. One can only hope the folks living in the hamlets of Rockland Cty get their heads out of the sand and vote.


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