Last Weekend to Register for Children's Spring Break Program at Strawtown Studio

The Flyer
The Flyer  Download PDF 

Strawtown has programs all year round including several weeks in the summer.  If you haven't tried one yet - this is a great opportunity.  For children who love the outdoors, the land, the water, making art, getting to know themselves and other people while learning about the planet we all have in common.  A very unique, very special program, located right in New City!

Celebrate the season of mud, buds, puddles, flowers and new growth!

Create Spring-Inspired Artwork! 

Explore our Woodlands and Fields for Signs of Spring

Prepare the Garden for Planting!

Connect with Friends Old & New!

Call (845)558-0877 

email strawtownstudio@gmail.com 

visit www.strawtownstudio.com


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