Opposition To Possible Quickchek Raised At Route 304 Corridor Presentation

Possible convenience store at odds with neighborhood's character


Dear Editor:

On November 21st, I attended a meeting entitled “Consultants Present Findings on 303 & 304 Corridors.”

Mr. Christopher Titze of Cambridge Systematics said that land owners and businesses had already been surveyed and that this meeting was to present to and hear from residents.  When asked why only about thirty people were in attendance if this meeting was to hear from at least a reasonable number of residents, and why the meeting had not been publicized, the answers by Mr. Titze and by Mr. Joe Simoes, the Town Planner, were vague. I know that if the residents of Bardonia had known about the meeting the place would have been packed with people who are vehemently opposed to the idea of a QuickChek on the corner of Route 304 and Bardonia Rd.

The slide entitled “Overall Corridor Concept for Route 304” which appears in the Nov. 22 New City Patch mentions concepts such as limited small scale retail for neighborhood use, consistent with neighborhood character, encourages walkability, and lower intensity gateway.  In addition, the Town of Clarkstown Comprehensive Plan mentions quality of life, neighborhood character, neighborhood preservation and stability of established neighborhoods.  As I said at the meeting, I find it impossible to reconcile the objectives described above with the idea of a QuickChek in our quiet neighborhood.

Mr. Titze commented that there were no gas stations along Route 304.  Perhaps, but there are plenty of stations in New City just up the road, or on Route 59 just down the road, or at less expensive venues in nearby New Jersey.  There is no need for a QuickChek in Bardonia.

When comments were made about the effect a QuickChek would have on traffic, particularly impacting the Bardonia Elementary School, the answer was that this study was about land use and zoning.  If so, why was a firm hired whose representative has on his card “Transportation leadership you can trust”.  What consideration is being given to people like myself and others at the meeting who indicated how difficult it is to deal with the traffic we already have? Why is the town hiring outside consultants we can ill afford when we are already paying Mr. Simoes and his Planning Department?

The other three corners of the intersection have commercial enterprises which do not effect the traffic or the neighborhood. There are sufficient services for food, pharmacy, cleaning and other requirements, run by local merchants, to satisfy resident needs without imposing a QuickChek which will seriously impact the character of the neighborhood as well as draw people to the neighborhood at all hours whom the residents would rather not have here.

If the QuickChek is being seriously considered by Mr. Gromack and the Town Planners, we hope they will start listening to the residents of Bardonia who are adamantly opposed to having this put upon us.

Harvey M. Abrams 
Bardonia, NY 

Harvey Abrams November 23, 2011 at 02:18 PM
The congestion on Main Street, New City has been caused by the poor planning and management of all the infrastructure work going on. There are gas stations located off of Route 304 one can easily reach without going on Main Street.
Harvey Abrams November 23, 2011 at 02:21 PM
The people who schedule a meeting on Thanksgiving week DO NOT seriously expect residents to be able to attend, but they now can say they held their obligatory meeting. Even then, they did not go out of their way to publicize the meeting.
Maureen November 23, 2011 at 03:15 PM
Good report, Harvey!
Maureen November 23, 2011 at 03:16 PM
I commented in a previous article that the 'consultant' said there was a QuickChek in Bardonia!  Do you remember that in a letter Gromack sent to the residents of Bardonia castigating Mr. Hull, he stated there was nothing before the Planning Board on a QuickChek.   Gromack  seems out of control and can't keep the lies straight!   How much did I pay for this 'consultant'?  I heard the figure was in excess of $50,000.  Is Joe Simoes and his team not capable of conducting such analyses? Perhaps this year Simoes' raise will be based on how much of his work he outsourced at our expense!  Meanwhile I'm living on a fixed income and trying to hold my home value constant. 
Michael N. Hull November 23, 2011 at 05:07 PM
Harvey writes:  <<<The other three corners of the intersection have commercial enterprises which do not effect the traffic or the neighborhood>>> I agree!  Further, Mr. Bergstol would get community support for something similar and if he required some minor variances we would probably support him in that.   Unfortunately, a QuickChek is a very good and  cheap option for him while it is a very bad and expensive option for us given the decline that will occur in our property values.   Variances should only be granted by OUR elected officials when all three parties agree, namely the Bardonia residents, the property owner, and theTown.   That is absolutely not the case with the proposed QuickChek. 


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