Self Defense, Fitness all in a One Hour Kickboxing Class

Why not get a fitness and self defense class all in one hour?  There is no better way to get in shape.  With so many gyms out there you can get a good workout from a cardio KICKBOXING class, but why not go to a place where you get the same workout but walk away feeling empowered?

For over thirty years no the Tiger Schulmann’s in Nanuet has mastered teaching a practical self defense through our kickboxing and mma program while getting our students into the best shape of their lives.  Each instructor has a minimum of 15 years of consistent training in Tiger Schulmann’s, all who currently compete, or have at one point in their life.  Such competitions as the UFC, Bellator, King of the Cage, Glory, Golden Gloves, you know, just to name a few.  Obviously when a new person comes in we don’t have them fight, the beginner kickboxing class is a non contact class.

Our beginner kickboxing classes are non contact


Each technique learned in this class is the exact techniques used in a competition by our instructors.  You will know that what you learn will defiantly work in a self defense situation, because if it works against a elite fighter that’s in the UFC, everything you learn will defiantly work against an attacker not trained. While you are learning our self defense something happens as a direct result from our training.  You will get into amazing shape!  With each kick and punch you will be melting the pounds away!  In each class three things are woven into it, muscular development anaerobic cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility training.

With each kickboxing class our students take, they always walk away with a smile from a great workout and with the feeling of confidence from our self defense

With the instructor motivating you from the beginning to the end, your mind is off your daily stresses and you can train with a clear mind.  Not only will you feel refreshed physically, but mentally as well.  All of this fitness and self defense can be done in a one hour kickboxing class.  Come to the Nanuet Tiger Schulmann’s and see for yourself.


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