Should NY Throw Iraqi War Veterans a Heroes Parade? (POLL)

People are asking why Iraqi War veterans have not got the same kind of ticker tape fete that the Giants received today.


While no one is saying that New Yorkers should not have celebrated the  with a parade, there is some resentment and anger over the lack of such a party for the returning Iraqi war veterans.

The New York Times reports that today’s parade was the fourth since 2000 to honor a sports team. The Times’ Kate Taylor writes:

 “Everybody recognizes that the Giants deserve a parade,” said Paul Rieckhoff, founder and executive director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. But, he added, “If a football team gets a parade, shouldn’t our veterans?”

The United States Defense Department has said that a celebration is too soon since American soldiers are still fighting in Afghanistan, according to Taylor’s article. And while Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said he is eager to honor the veterans, he does not want to do so without a “green light” from Washington.  

A local Patch reader sent in an email today regarding this issue. The Patch reader wrote:

"I understand that people need something to feel good about during what are hard times for many, and this Welcome Home! parade is one of those feel-good celebrations that reach across all economic classes.  We need to feel good.  The Giants played well, and earned the praise they are enjoying.  

But a similar ticker tape parade was denied when the troops came back/are coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan by that same city.  In my mind's eye, denying a welcome home parade for those who have done their duty and may have sustained horrible injuries or died for their country for what they believe or to keep us all safe vs. a football game, for men and corporations, who are making millions doesn't seem right.”

This reader wonders if anyone shares his/her feelings. Take our poll or tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Scott Walters February 08, 2012 at 12:27 PM
SInce the acton in IRAQ is over, of course we should honor those troops. When the action in Afghanistan is over, we should do likewise.... I made mention of this on Patch's FB page yesterday as well, but was given no credit here.
diane holland February 08, 2012 at 01:00 PM
Definiely should be a parade or a rally for their service. Can be at a local stadium or a traditional parade. The athletes get the money and the fame. All the troops need is a thank you.


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