Opinion: Teaberry Port House Deserves Restoration

Volunteers should be allowed to save the historic building.


Editor's Note: This letter was originally sent to Clarkstown Supervisor Alex Gromack.

Dear Supervisor Gromack,

I have lived across from Teaberry Port on Strawtown Road in West Nyack for almost forty years. Over this period, I have watched with great concern this treasured historic structure disintegrate from neglect.

Respect for our historic structures should transcend purely corporate monetary considerations, especially if those who love these buildings are willing to spend their own time and limited funds to preserve them. We have repeatedly offered to assemble qualified contributors and volunteers to undertake the necessary work to prevent further deterioration and even effect a restoration of this structure. 

Mr. Pointing has repeatedly rejected our offers  "due to liability and other considerations." A modest rider to United Water"s already mammoth insurance policy at relatively no cost should fix that. I shudder to think what he implies in his use of the expression, "and other considerations".

I know an artist who studied stained glass techniques in France as a young man during and after WW II. During this period, the great stained glass windows in Europe had been removed from their structures and stored in coal mine shafts to protect them from the bombing. 

As a  young artist, he worked on restoring these treasures and returning them to their rightful locations. His exposure to these artifacts literally changed his life from an irresponsible youth to a mature and historically aware and a dedicated artist.

Consider the expense in man hours time and materials to accomplish this task. Had the project been monetized by corporations before it was executed,, Chartres would be windowless today. The return on this sort of investment is not money, but rather, the creation of a mature, sophisticated and productive society.

Willa Cather has said that "the true owners of the land are those who love it." Teaberry Port needs to be returned to the community that loves it so that those who are willing, might restore her to her former grandeur.


Ron Breland
Strawtown Road
West Nyack

Madeline September 06, 2012 at 10:57 AM
The HRB had stated that over 20 non for profits were interested in Teaberry, Mr Breland has mentioned about the qualified contributers that would be willing to help secure the property from collapse and all we here from United Water is they can't do anything...... or is that they won't do anything!!!!!! What is there motive for allowing our Historic Teaberry to decline with such disrespect to the house and our community.... as mentioned yesterday they tout on there own website donating 1.5 million to various causes. I think its time United Water stop saying it cant be done and figure out ways it can be done...


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