Valentine's Day 2012: Good Gifts, Bad Gifts

What was the best Valentine's Day gift you have given or received? The worst? Tell us about them in the comments section below


The displays in stores around Nanuet should be your first hint. Valentine's Day is fast approaching.

For some, Valentine's Day is an opportunity to reaffirm bonds with loved ones, particularly wives, husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends.

For others, it is a relationship trap in which they find themselves desperately searching for the perfect gift. Or at least the one that will keep them out of trouble.

Either way, it usually involves shopping. But what should you buy? Do you check out the display at or  and pray for inspiration? Go the traditional route of flowers to Nanuet's ? Hit one of Nanuet's many shops such as , For those who can't get those commercials telling us where every kiss begins can turn to or .

We were thinking maybe Nanuet Patch's readers can help one another out here and perhaps have some fun in the process.

We are looking for inspiration rather than suggestions. Tell us about the best Valentine's Day gifts you have ever given or received. Tell us about the worst. Both can be fun and the bad ones could help somebody from making a terrible mistake.

Add your stories of gifts past to the comments below or send them to Nanuet Patch Editor Kim Tran at Kim@Patch.com


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