How To Use Blinds To Add Color To A Room

Colorful blinds and curtains can change the atmosphere in a room....

Colorful blinds and curtains can change the atmosphere in a room. When choosing a color scheme for any room in your house, you can play with contrasting colors or with different shades of the same color. Curtains, textiles and accessories can be used to brighten up rooms and to create contrasts.

How to Choose Colors

 The main colors in a paint spectrum are green, blue, yellow, orange, red, violet and indigo. The best way to get started is to pick just a couple of colors and not get confused by too many options. Each color also has several different shades and hues. One way to choose colors for a room is to choose a neutral color for the walls and the ceiling, and to use stronger and brighter colors for textiles, curtains and blinds.

You can use colors to create contrasts or to create a subtle effect. If you like a subtle atmosphere, try using slightly different shades of the same color. Choose blinds that are just a few steps lighter or darker from the main color theme. Even small differences can make the room look livelier. If your room has a green theme, try painting the walls a very light shade of green, and use darker or brighter greens in textiles, blinds, curtains and furniture. If you are really bold and if you like a lot of color, choose contrasting colors that stand out to make a statement. Experiment with opposite colors or choose strong colors that highlight each other.


Best Colors for Different Rooms


Most people choose light or calm colors for the bedroom, such as light blue or green. You can even decorate a bedroom with different shades of white. If you are a light sleeper and are easily woken up by bright streetlights or sunlight, choose dark blinds or curtains to block the light. In other rooms the choice is wider. You can choose light or white blinds, pick a color that blends in with the room's color scheme, or choose bright colors that really stand out.


A living area can be decorated with almost any colors you like. The choice of colors for living spaces depends on whether you want to have a calm subtle environment or a bold color scheme. There are a few great colors for the kitchen: these include yellows, oranges and even some shades of red. Many people are worried about using too much red, but there is a wide range of shades to choose from. The many shades of red range from light pink to terracotta and other brownish tones. Orange is a good color for the kitchen or a dining room, as it is a cheerful color that is also believed to increase appetite.


Even using orange curtains or blinds in a kitchen can brighten up the room. If you are using different shades of one color, choose a few tones to play around with. If you are using opposite colors to create a contrast, do not use too many colors in one room: simplicity is better.


To find the right company with the right styles that match your taste, try looking online. For instance, a perfect example is if you were looking for solar shades in San Diego, search the internet for that exact term. You should be able to find a company that services your area. From there you can sort out the companies that have the colors and styles you are looking for.

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