Car Cuts Off School Bus And Second Car Hits Bus (VIDEO)

There were no injuries and the school bus held only the bus driver


Around 3 p.m. on Tuesday, traffic built up at the intersection of Ridge Road and Route 304 in New City. After getting cut off by a small red car, a Clarkstown Central School District bus was hit by a black Mazda.

"A car that cut off the school bus left the scene and then the bus—trying to avoid the impact with that vehicle (the small red car)—was struck by that car up there," said a Clarkstown police officer pointing to the black Mazda on the flatbed.

The small red car "fled westbound on Ridge Road," said police. "The bus was empty other than the driver and the other car (black Mazda) had only a driver too." There were no major injuries.

He added that several witnesses saw the incident occur, but did not get the license plate or any other descriptions of the vehicle other than the fact that it was small and red.

Jaclyn Pelliccia March 18, 2013 at 03:17 PM
I am a school bus driver, and I find it so aggravating when cars cut me off in a dangerous manner. I constantly have to be on the defense in order to avoid an accident. If this society cares about their kids getting to and from school safely, then somthing needs to be done about careless drivers like that.
stephany March 18, 2013 at 04:33 PM
i do everything in my power to [safely] not get behind a school bus that might stop at every other house. The story leaves a lot to be desired factually, but to me it looks like the school bus was going south to north across 304 and the red car was making a right on red going from 304 south to ridge rd north did not want to get behind a bus that may stop at every other house. the driver should not have cut the bus off but maybe the bus was speeding and got through the intersection faster than it would if it was doing 30 mpg and could not stop fast enough. the passenger side of the bus appears to be heading toward the center line. If the bus was trying to avoid the red car that was simply making a right on red the bus driver possibly over reacted unless the driver of the red car made an unusually wide turn--which is not impossible if the red car sped up to get in front of the bus. the black car seemingly saw the bus heading for it and swerved across the double yellow line and hit the front passenger side.there is a specific dedicated lane for left turns off ridge,so the black car could have gone to the right,assuming no car there, rather than across a double yellow What speed was the bus going. why didn't it see the red car and slow down,What is the speed limit on Ridge rd [south side of 304]--might be 40 or maybe it didn't happen that way at all
stephany March 18, 2013 at 07:08 PM
"the school bus held only the bus driver" But did the guy in the red car know that-most likely no Maybe it would be a good idea to have some way of recognizing a school bus that is empty. If for no other reason than to prevent this from happening again [assuming the driver of the red car did try to get in front of the bus and did not know it was empty. i would be much less likely to chance getting in front of an empty bus than one that was potentially going to be letting 30-50 kids off in front of their houses. I do not see a downside. this in no way allows anyone to break the law. it could save a life or 2


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