Cement Truck Overturns at Westchester Construction Site

Getting the truck righted is a bigger job than cleaning up the minor fuel spill.

A cement truck flipped into a ditch on Lake Terrace at 10:20 a.m., injuring the driver slightly and spilling a small amount of diesel fuel.

"It's a minor arm injury; really it's more of a process getting the truck up," said Tarrytown police Det. David Kapica as two cranes from Stiloski's Towing operation were working to hoist the heavy vehicle.

The cement truck had made a delivery to the Toll Brothers' Wilson Park development lot No. 4, little more than a dirt lot now. It was backing down to the wash station at adjacent site 3 in front of a house under development when a rear wheel caught an edge and the truck veered into the ditch.

The whole neighborhood is a maze of tight one-lane roads and steep hills, only complicated by this heavy construction. At the foot of nearby Cobb Lane, going straight up off Broadway to Wilson Park, a sign warns construction vehicles to enter by way of Tower Hill Road.

Some neighbors were milling around surveying the scene, but most of the streets were taken up with large emergency response vehicles.

Tarrytown Fire Department is there in full force, along with County Haz Mat trucks for the fuel spillage. State Police are on hand to do a commercial inspection of the truck when it is righted, said Kapica. Kapica was also waiting to interview the driver. 


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