Convicted Killer LaBarbera Denied Parole

UPDATED with statement from parole board. Richard LaBarbera, who was convicted in the murder of 16-year-old Pearl River resident Paula Bohovesky in 1980, was denied parole.

The New York State Parole Board denied parole to convicted killer Richard LaBarbera Wednesday.

LaBarbera and Robert McCain were convicted of murdering 16-year-old Pearl River resident Paula Bohovesky Oct. 28, 1980. McCain is expected to have a parole hearing in June.

Bohovesky's mother, Lois, has worked to keep her daughter's killers behind bars.

"It's very rough, but it's always a relief when this part of it comes," Lois Bohovesky said. "We still have the other one to wait for. It's half of a relief. I'm confident McCain won't get parole, either, but you never know."

LaBarbera, 58, is an inmate at the maximum security Great Meadow Correctional Facility in Comstock, NY.

According to the statement from the parole board, the panel beleived that releasing LaBarbera would be, "Incompatible with the pubic safety and welfare."

The panel cited his 1971 conviction and subsequent jail sentence. LaBarbera was out on parole from that sentence when he murdered Bohovesky. He was also cited for a drug use violation since his last parole hearing.

"AS a result, your release at this time is denied," the statement went on to read. "There is a reasonable probability you would not live and remain at liberty without violating the law."

Editor's Note: Updated with statement from parole board

tom kelty May 12, 2011 at 12:42 AM
YEAY ! now, if they could only sentence him to the chair
Wendy May May 12, 2011 at 03:52 PM
Good. It's shameful that the Bohovesky family has to endure this process every two years. Something should be done to ensure these animals rot in jail without the continued efforts of the community they forever changed and terrorized 31 years ago.
Steve May 15, 2011 at 07:04 PM
The only thing better than this ruling is perhaps he saw a ray of hope and had it squashed. I feel no pity for him.... he cast his fate in eternity long ago.


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