Hirsch Resigns From Clarkstown Taxpayers

Founder of grassroots organization does not want his legal issues to be a distraction to the group.


Mike Hirsch, who founded the Clarkstown Taxpayers in 2009, announced he resigned from the group’s Steering Committee.   A vocal community activist, Hirsch was arrested Tuesday by New York City Police. Police said the charges filed against him were in connection with his business dealings as president of MZM Corp. with New York City and involved an investigation of workers’ pay.

Hirsch, 62, said he entered a not guilty plea during an arraignment in a New York City court.

“I’m really not allowed to talk about it,” he said. “I offered to resign (so as) not to be a distraction to the group.”

Clarkstown Taxpayers President Guy Gervasi commended Hirsch for starting the group, which has focused on trying to decrease taxes, eliminate patronage in local government and for spearheading the petition to get term limits enacted in the town.

“With Mike Hirsch's leadership and guidance, the Clarkstown Taxpayers have been able to pressure the Clarkstown Town Board to keep tax increases very low during the last few years,” Gervasi said.

Gervasi said the group has grown and has an active membership, strong leadership and spokespersons.

The group will continue,” said Gervasi on Friday.  “We have 700 to 800 members and a steering committee of 10 members.”

Gervasi of West Nyack said that Hirsch feels he needs to spend time with his family and focus on the fight to protect his name.  Gervasi said although he knew Hirsch was a contractor; the two did not speak about business. He said their discussions dealt with town hall and how to fight patronage.  

The charges filed again Hirsch are related to the Dyker Beach Junior Golf Course built for New York City. The non-profit City Parks Foundation was the main contractor for the Department of Parks and Recreation project and Hirsh's MZM Corporation was a subcontractor for City Parks Foundation. The $2.5 million project in Brooklyn was completed in 2009. 

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office said criminal charges filed against Hirsch and his company include:

  • Fourth-degree grand larceny
  • First-degree offering a false instrument for filing
  • Second-degree offering a false instrument for filing
  • Second-degree falsifying business records
  • Petty larceny

According to the district attorney’s office, the investigator for the city’s Department of Investigations was told by the investigator from the city’s Department of Parks & Recreation that the amount paid to MZM’s employees was less than the amount stated on the certified payroll records.

Hirsch faces a hearing on Dec. 12 in New York State Supreme Court, Part F, at 100 Centre Street in Manhattan.


Brian October 01, 2012 at 12:29 PM
"Me thinks he doth protest too much." Now we know why Mr. Hirsch doesn't like government spending. He wants all the money spent on schools, parks and roads for himself!
Smitty Chesterfield October 01, 2012 at 01:01 PM
lester - which town department do you work for
Maureen October 01, 2012 at 02:51 PM
Lester: Did you take logic 101 or arithmetic 101? Given the attendance at Town Board meetings which has 83,000 'members' and 'taxpayers' they too must be bedridden or mayby just paralyzed by the tax increases, tax surcharges, patronage appointments and the need to now reconstruct their homes to take in boarders if they are seniors. I think there about 20 out of 83,000 who attend an average board meeting. I would guess the % membership attendance at the CT meetings would be significantly higher. Heck, even Supervisor Gromack said about the 3000 citizens who signed term limit petitions that people would sign anything stuck in front of their noses just to get on with their lives. I saw the video - he said that at the last election in the presence of Sabatini. Gromack didn't classify those 3,000 people as 'bedridden' but 'brain dead'.
Thomas Leonard October 01, 2012 at 04:07 PM
Actually the group has exactly, 800 email members and another 200 postal address members. There are 11 active committee members excluding Mr. Hirsch. Nearly, every general membership meeting we conduct has 75 to 150 attendees. I keep the lists. However, one general membership meeting we had on Valentine's Day was a disaster, clearly love comes before taxes.
NewCityParent2012 October 01, 2012 at 06:17 PM
wow mike this is shocking...usually where there is smoke there is fire...


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