UPDATE: Large Tree Hit by Lightning, Falls on Nanuet Apartments [VIDEO]

One woman was brought to the hospital but there were no major injuries. Watch the Patch video with Debbie Peterson, who lives in the downstairs apartment

A tree fell on one of the buildings at Normandy Village complex in Nanuet Wednesday afternoon.

The building contains several units and some residents were evacuated as a result of the fallen tree.

"The tree was hit by lighting and it fell on the building," said Nanuet Fire Chief AJ Knapp. "The (resident) was upstairs when the tree came down. The tree branch went through the roof of the building and into the apartment. She was in a different room at that time, but she was shaken up."

Knapp said the incident occured around 2:30 p.m. and Clarkstown Police said that woman was brought to Nyack hospital.

"Tree fell on the building and the building had damage, but it didn’t fall on any of our wires," said O&R Representative Maria Pollard. "They (the apartment complex) had to shut off breakers and power in the building. They had to inspect the building before turning power back on."

Debbie Peterson was woken up by a loud ‘crack’ in her downstairs apartment in Building #31 in Normandy Village. After checking outside briefly, she was about to close her front door and her “hand was still on the handle when the tree came crashing down,” she said.

“It did quite a bit of damage to the upstairs apartment. There’s a branch spike through the roof and ceiling in the bedroom,” said Peterson. “Thankfully she (the upstairs resident) was OK … She was shaken up. They had us evacuate to make sure the building is structurally sound. I have a little water (in my apartment) … but upstairs really took the brunt of it.”

"They evacuated the apartment below because water was coming in," said Knapp.


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