Nanuet Fire Chair Updates Civic Association On New Firehouse

Harold Straut spoke at Thursday's meeting


Nanuet Fire District Chairman Harold Straut spoke to the Nanuet Civic Association at Thursday night’s meeting, updating members on the new firehouse and some other items of interest.

Straut said the new firehouse, which will be located off Old Middletown Road behind Jolene Cleaners, is coming along.

“If you drove by the site this week you might’ve seen some work going on,” he said. “We had some abandoned oil tanks that we knew were on the property taken off. One we thought was a 1,000 gallon tank was a 10,000 gallon tank. It was a pre-World War II tank on the grounds. That was removed.”

Straut said he also recently attended the Station Style Conference, which is a conference centered around the construction of new public safety facilities, such as firehouses.

“I spoke with architects and chiefs from Hawaii, from Michigan, California, Arizona and it just reaffirmed our project,” he said. “We are right on the money with what we’re doing. We’re doing everything the right way, and they liked out plans and so we’re moving forward.”

He also announced that there is a public meeting tentatively scheduled for June 20th at the current firehouse.

“We should have our estimated budget ready by June 10th, so we’ll have all the numbers hopefully crunched for everyone and can answer everyone’s questions at that meeting,” he said.

Straut also brought in one of those long orange devices that connect to fire hydrants. He said they get knocked off the hydrants, which defeats their purpose of helping firefighters see the hydrants. He said they can get knocked down by people or covered in snow or leaves. He asked that if anyone sees a hydrant without the long orange marker to let the department know.


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