Nanuet Library Board Discusses Sex-Offender Access

At the monthly trustees meeting the necessity of repairs to the library were discussed. Also two members of the Rockland County Office of Probation attended the meeting to discuss the access registered sex offenders have to the Nanuet Library.


The Nanuet Library Board met on Wednesday evening to discuss the issue of registered sex offenders having access to the Nanuet Library.

Two representatives from the Rockland County Office of Probation, Jennifer Williams and Ed Korn, attended the meeting to provide the Board and the community information about the registered sex offenders in the community.  

Williams explained that normally, registered sex offenders are not prohibited from entering and using the resources of a public library.  However, since the Nanuet Library is located on school property it is illegal for register sex offenders on probation to enter this library.  

The Rockland County Office of Probation will begin informing those under their supervision that they are not able to enter the Nanuet Library.  The library will take responsibility for providing these patrons with library cards that allow them to access other libraries in the area that are not on school grounds. 

Staff members and patrons of the Nanuet Library are not held responsible for identifying or recognizing registered sex offenders coming into the library.

Check back with Nanuet Patch later today for an update on the Nanuet Library Board's discussion on DVD thefts and repairs

I dont like my name to be displayed June 28, 2012 at 04:31 PM
How come when a registered sex offender was arrested in the library the librarian refused to press charges????? The librarian needs to be fired she put all our children at risk.
Brian Booth June 28, 2012 at 07:28 PM
I am happy that this question of whether sex offenders on parole/probation are allowed to use the library. The answer was the library can give them a card if they reside in the district, BUT! they are not allowed to come in and use the library which is on school grounds. It is a violation of law (PL65.10 sub4a). Thank You Probation Officers Williams and Korn for clarifying this as well as encouraging people to call and report things. They may not be able to answer questions or get back to you due to ongoing investigations or confidentiality. But all info is welcomed. You do a tough job and I say thank you.!!


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