Orangetown Police Warn Schools of Luring Incidents in New Jersey

The Pearl River and South Orangetown School Districts sent out warnings regarding an increase in luring incidents in nearby Bergen County Friday after being notified by Orangetown Police.

The "potential luring" in Westwood Thursday added to an increasing number of such incidents recently in Bergen County, prompting the Orangetown Police Department to contact local schools.

The South Orangetown School District sent out the following notification Friday afternoon:

"The Orangetown Police Department has contacted SOCSD in regard to the increased number of luring incidents that have recently taken place in Bergen County New Jersey. The police have released sketches of the suspects, however, in most of the cases the suspect was a white male in his 50’s with salt & pepper receding hairline, unshaven, and driving a silver/gray car.

Because Bergen is a neighboring county and for the safety and sake of our children, SOCSD asks that you please take this opportunity to review with your children basic safety guidelines. Specifically, they should never approach a strange vehicle, should ALWAYS run away from strangers who attempt to lure them to their cars, and ALWAYS report any such incident to an adult and the police immediately."

The Orangetown Police Department's main number is (845) 359-3700.

The Pearl River School District sent out this statement by Superintendent of Schools Dr. John Morgano:

"We received word today from the Orangetown Police Department that there have been several suspicious incidents in our neighboring Bergen County towns (Park Ridge, Westwood, Oradell) involving children of different ages being approached by adults in cars. These reports are under investigation.  Please take this time, especially with Halloween approaching, to review safety rules with your children, including NEVER approach a strange vehicle. Should your child report a suspicious incident to you, please contact the Orangetown Police Department. If we receive additional information, we will pass it along to you."

Westwood Police set up roadblocks to search for a suspect Thursday night and Friday. A sketch artist's drawing of the suspect is attached to this report.


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