Police: Lock Your Car Doors! Don't Make it Easy for Thieves to Take Your Stuff

Items stolen from at least 18 cars in Valley Cottage.

Want to fight crime close to home? Lock your car doors.

That's the simple advice from Clarkstown police today in response to a month-long spree in Valley Cottage, where items have been stolen from cars in about 18 incidents.

Small personal electronics and cash have been taken from unlocked cars in the area of Fulle Drive since July 9. The thefts are believed to have taken place between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m.

Clarkstown police are asking residents to lock their car doors, even when they are parked at home in the driveway. Police are also asking that anyone who sees something they think is suspicious to call police at 845-639-5800.

In March, after a rash of thefts from cars in the area of Route 9W in the Upper Grandview section of town and in .

In addition to locking car doors, police urge residents not to leave valuables in their cars or to make sure such items — iPods, GPS units, cell phones, wallets and pocketbooks – are not left out in plain sight.


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