Shooting Suspect Accused Of Attempted Murder, Held On $1M Bail

Police still uncertain why 33-year-old Valley Cottage man was shot at Mountainview Condos in Valley Cottage.

are still trying to figure out why a 53-year-old Valley Cottage man , setting off a manhunt that turned the Mountainview Condominiums into an armed camp with helicopters circling above for hours.

Clarkstown Police Chief Michael Sullivan said Eric Goods remained uncooperative and would not talk with investigators after he was arrested coming out of the woods a short distance away from the Mountainview condos Tuesday.

Goods, of 585 Sierra Vista Lane, was arraigned in Clarkstown Town Court in New City Tuesday and charged with attempted murder. Goods was ordered held on $1 million bail pending a hearing set for 1:30 p.m. today. Police said Goods faces a variety of other charges that are expected to be presented to a Rockland County grand jury.

The shooting victim, Mountainview resident Edward Kern, remains in in stable condition, being treated for several gunshot wounds. Police said Kern was shot with a .38 caliber revolver, which was recovered early in the investigation of the shooting that took place shortly before 6 a.m. outside of 585 Sierra Vista Lane in an upper section of the Mountainview complex.

Within moments of the shooting, police received several 911 calls reporting the incident. Police said Kern was one of those callers—noting that he was able to report that he had been shot and wounded. The information led police to immediately identify Goods as a “person of interest” in the shooting investigation.

At first, police suspected the shooting might have been the result of some kind of dispute between neighbors. However, Clarkstown Police Sgt. Harry Baumann said investigators now are not certain whether they even was  a dispute and they were still at a loss to explain why Kern was shot.

Rude awakening

The early-morning shooting stunned residents of the hillside condo complex in Valley Cottage, with residents starting their day by finding a small army of police officers outside their front doors involved in the manhunt for Goods.

After the shooting, police said Goods was spotted running toward the thick woods adjacent to the condo complex. As a result, machine-gun toting police officers formed a road block at the entrance to Mountainview condos and were checking cars going into and out of the complex. The county's emergency helicopter was called in to help the search for Goods, and the bright yellow chopper circled above the area for hours.

Police officers from Clarkstown and Orangetown searched the area, with officers held over from the overnight shift to help in the investigation. Canine units joined the search, along with state troopers, officers from the Sheriff's Department and the Westchester County SWAT team.

The manhunt also lead the Clarkstown school district to lockdown its schools, where children were involved with activities such as swim programs at Felix Festa Middle School in West Nyack and pre-season sports practices at the Clarkstown high schools.

Baumann said police looking for Goods got a break when a Mountainview resident told them of a spot in the adjoining woods where Goods frequented. Baumann said officers with police dogs went to that area and were able to flush Goods out of the woods.

Baumann said Goods emerged from the woods south of the Mountainview complex and ran into police officers at the Forest Ridge condominium complex on Mountainview Avenue. Baumann said Goods was arrested without incident.


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