Sleepy Hollow Man Charged With Wife's Murder

Christopher Howson has been charged with murder in the second degree following the death of his alleged victim.


Monday was another big day for a small courthouse when Christopher Howson’s attempted murder charge was upgraded officially to murder.

During a quick visit to Sleepy Hollow Village Court, Howson, alongside his current Legal Aid Society attorney, received the charge of murder in the second degree along with the original charge of first degree strangulation.

This follows the death on Wednesday of his alleged victim, his wife Theresa Gorski. She spent four days on life support after suffering strangulation at the couple's home on 127 New Broadway on Saturday, Jan. 5.

Howson, 49, was temporarily held in Sleepy Hollow police department’s holding cell and brought in handcuffs into court by village police and then returned by county police car to the Westchester County Jail. He is being held without bail pending the next court date on January 28.


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