UPDATE: 7-Vote Difference in Nanuet Library Board Race

After a long day of voting, the results are in. Your new Nanuet Library Board member is Tim Donnelly and your new Nanuet School Board members are Sarah Chauncey and Ed Dingman


The machine votes showed that Filatov had 291 votes and Donnelly had 289 votes, but when the 17 absentee ballots were counted, Donnelly pulled ahead with 13 of the absentee votes giving him a grand total of 302 over Filatov's 295—a 7-vote difference.

It came down to the wire, specifically seven votes for the Library Board seat.

The Board had a  to fill this year. Board Member Pamela Cirilli is not returning to the board and Tim Donnelly beat Lisa Filatov for the spot. He was voted into a 5-year term.

“I want to thank everybody, especially my wife. I pounded a lot of pavement in this campaign and want to thank Lisa for a good race,” said Donnelly. “My job now is to work with everyone and do what’s best for the community and the library.”

“I just want to congratulate Tim Donnelly on his win and wish him luck for the next five years,” said Filatov.

The Library budget was also passed. 

“The budget covers books, computers, utlities and personnel,” said Paul Corriel, Library Board President. “We welcome different points of view and any new input,” he added referring to Donnelly’s win.

Here are the unofficial voting breakdowns:

Budget Yes No Library 454 230 School 487 200


School Candidate Votes Sarah Chauncey 499 Ed Dingman 399 Scott Walters 270


Library Candidate Votes Lisa Filatov 295 Tim Donnelly 302


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