Clarkstown Authorizes Nanuet Street Signs

Expect new traffic signs in the Newport Drive vicinity in Nanuet soon


At Thursday's town board meeting, the Highway Department was authorized to install a few new street signs in Nanuet:

A new curve sign that reads 20 MPH on Newport Drive, a new stop sign at Samuel Road and Newport Drive and a new dead end sign faceing northbound just beyond the Samuel Road intersection.

, concerns about excessive speed and Nanuet neighborhood streets being used as shortcuts to other roadways led the Clarkstown Town Board to discuss traffic signage. The decision came about after residents spoke with the town supervisor, police officers and community liaison. 


Don January 01, 2012 at 02:50 PM
That 20 mph sign won't help. Cars are constantly speeding down Newport, and one was even clocked at 70. A few residents had mailboxes taken out by cars. It's a cut-through from Chestnut Ridge.
Jeff January 13, 2012 at 04:26 AM
The straight section of Newport drive is .41 miles long, which makes speeding easy to do even if you are not inclined to speed. The commonly agreed upon approach among the residents is to deploy stop signs or speed bumps along that stretch of road. If you can find a law that supports putting a 3 way stop sign configuration at the Loeser intersection, it may discourage speeding and cut-through traffic without causing an excess of expense for the town. So far the town has not been able to deploy due to the lack of traffic volume and no supporting law to place the stop signs along the way solely to slow down traffic. Personally, I think the 30mph limit is too high anyway for residential streets like Newport. It is a pervasive quality of life issue that has been widely recognized but not effectively addressed.


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