Clarkstown Board Authorizes Tax Cert Settlements, Public Hearing, Landfill Services

Steps to receive Community Development Block Grant passed by board


The Clarkstown Town Board recently authorized two tax certiorari settlements, one for property in West Nyack and the other in New City.  One settlement will cost the town about $4,800 and the other more than $15,000.

The tax certiorari settlement with Squadron VCD, LLC is for 20 Squadron Boulevard in New City for 2010/2011 and 2011/2012.  The property tax assessment of $2,753,100 for 2010/2011 is reduced to $2,560,400 – a difference of $4,545.  The 2011/2012 assessment was reduced from $2,753,100 to $2,312,600 at a cost of $10,838 to Clarkstown.   

The town reached a settlement with Ronald Weiss for property at 250 North Route 303 in West Nyack. The settlement covers a two-year period. The property’s assessment for 2010/2011 was reduced from $1,449,800 to $1,372,700 at a cost to Clarkstown of $1,818.  The assessment for 2011/2012 was decreased from $1,449,800 to $1,329,100 at a cost of $2,969 to the town.

Following the public meeting, the board went into executive session for an update on the property tax challenge filed by the Palisades Center against the town.  Supervisor Alex Gromack said it could be January or February  of 2013 when the judge issues a decision.  

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, the board passed a resolution authorizing Supervisor Alex Gromack to complete an agreement with Rockland County so the town could received $55,000 in 2012 Community Development Block Grant funds. The county allocated $30,000 to the town for audible pedestrian signals and detectors, tactile arrows and locator tones for Calvary Drive at North Main Street in New City. Also $25,000 was approved for a new senior citizen transport vehicle.

Additional work required at the town’s Police Communications Tower on Mountainview Avenue in Nyack necessitated a vote on an amended agreement with the H2M Group of New City. Due to delays in completing the project, more engineering services are needed. A bid not to exceed $16,100 was authorized with reimbursement expected from Orange & Rockland Utilities and Rockland County.

In other action taken by the board, it scheduled a public hearing on the local wireless communications facilities for October 2 at 8 p.m. The hearing will be on amendments to the existing law made necessary following litigation by wireless communications carriers against the town.

HRD Engineering Inc., which provides environmental operation and maintenance services at the town’s West Nyack landfill, received an agreement extension through June 2016.

The four-year extension carries a three percent yearly increase. The contract will cost:

  • $68,292 for 2013
  • $70,341 for 2014
  • $72,456 for 2015
  • $74,628 for 2016.
Watchdog August 27, 2012 at 03:05 PM
Once they lose the assessment battle for the Palisades Mall......TIMBER......there goes bond rating unless we get a huge increase in taxes ...remember Vanderhoef telling us all was OK with the County and touting the bond rating? How'd that work out? Now we have Gromack telling us the same thing...TIMBER"...WE ARE DOOMED.


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