UPDATED: Clarkstown GOP Nominates Candidates For All Town Races

Candidates nominated for all town positions up for election in November


The Clarkstown Republican Committee held its nominating convention on Wednesday night and its members approved candidates for the seven town elected offices. There was one candidate nominated for each position except for town supervisor. Ralph Sabatini, who ran in 2011, was nominated from the floor by a committee member but “respectfully declined” to run. The committee also voted in favor of making candidate recommendations to the Rockland County Republican Committee for county executive and county clerk.

The executive committee recommended and committee members approved the nominations of Ralph Riverso of Valley Cottage for supervisor, John Noto of New City for council and Kate Sheridan of Valley Cottage for clerk.  Committee members nominated four incumbents: Highway Superintendent Wayne Ballard, Councilman George Hoehmann, Town Justice Scott Ugell and Town Justice Craig Johns. 

Riverso, who currently works for the Rockland County Board of Elections, said he has a background in finance and worked on Wall Street. Riverso singled out the issues of high taxes, which had caused members of his family to leave the area. Noto, who worked as the county’s director of real property tax for eight years, said he wants to see Clarkstown’s economic base expanded to ease the burden on homeowners. 

Sheridan, whose mother-in-law Patricia Sheridan held the town’ clerk’s position for 28 years, said she hopes to continue that legacy. This is the first run for public office for Riverso, Noto and Sheridan.   

Johns, who has served as a town justice for 20 years, said Clarkstown’s court is the third largest town court in the state because of the drug arrests on the New York Thruway and incidents at the Palisades Center. Ugell has been a town judge for 22 years and Ballard has held the highway superintendent’s position for 16 years. Hoehmann is serving his fourth year on the town board.   

The committee recommended the nominations of Legislator Ed Day of New City for county executive and Donna Held of New City for county clerk to the Rockland County Republican Committee.

Held previously ran against David Carlucci for the Clarkstown town clerk’s position. Carlucci left that position when he was elected to the New York State Senate.

Day said county residents are suffering from malaise and feel that the county is “done.”

“My goal personally is to put the county on notice that we are out there, we are going to win, we are going to change the direction of this county,” said Day.

Clarkstown GOP Chairman Bob Axelrod told the approximately 100 people attending that the goal had been to hold the nominating convention earlier than in previous years to give the candidates a head start on fundraising efforts.

“Technically it’s just nice to know you are the nominee, you are the candidate,” he said. 

County Republican Chair Vincent Reda also spoke and said the county committee will be fully behind the candidates. He said they needed to keep the county executive’s office Republican.  Reda read statistics that the majority of county legislatures, county executives, county clerks and sheriffs in New York are Republicans. The county GOP meets on Thursday, May 9.




Watchdog May 03, 2013 at 09:33 PM
Rokeach Gefilte Fish, Eileen Mac Donald, Dan Turin, all birds of a feather for the undemocratic Democratic Party supported by Hasidic Bloc voters, who are directly responsible for supporting candidates who are responsible for bankrupting Rockland County by rubber stamping tbe fraudulent budgets of Scott Vanderhoef and and destroying local school system. We have had enough. Vote for Ed Day for County Executive.
Don May 04, 2013 at 01:30 AM
Jake, the election results don't lie. So perhaps you can explain to us all why Schoenberger, a powerful veteran politician, couldn't get his own longtime Wesley Hills neighbors to place their trust in him with a vote against a relative political nobody? Schoenberger carried every major party line and would have won if the bloc didn't vote for him. That, sir, tells us something. And where there's smoke, there's fire.
Jake Rokeach May 05, 2013 at 12:56 AM
@Mike, I don't appreciate your anti-Semitic remarks about me or my name. Just because I hate Preserve Ramapo, it does not mean I approve of Patrick Farm development, nor does it mean that I vote for CSL (or for the ballpark for that matter). If you think that there are only two sides to be on in Ramapo, you're ignorant. So curing that ignorance should be # 3 on your list of to-dos. # 1 - obeying the law and not stealing from your employees. # 2 - don't be anti-Semitic Sorry about #1. Tell me, Mike, when you see a police car does your heart skip a beat?
Jake Rokeach May 05, 2013 at 12:58 AM
And BTW, Bob Rhodes is a jerk. If you've ever sent your kids to his day camp, you'll know what I'm talking about.
Jake Rokeach May 05, 2013 at 01:05 AM
@Don, you're right in one respect. Election results don't lie. So don't bitch and moan when Ilan Schoenberger wins in November!


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