Clarkstown GOP Talks Unity Heading Into Election Season

Committee members talked about the need to all be on the same side heading into November


Rockland County Legislator and county executive candidate Ed Day preached party unity at Wednesday night’s Clarkstown GOP meeting at Town Hall in New City.

The meeting had a spot for local candidates for upcoming elections to introduce themselves to the committee members and update them on their campaign. After Day’s talk, he opened it up for questions from the crowd. He was asked about a rumor going around that Legislator Frank Sparaco might also announce his candidacy for county executive. A blog post published on Patch earlier on Wednesday, which was written by Michael Hull and committee member Ralph Sabatini, was referenced in the questioning. 

Day said he heard Sparaco say he will not enter the race, and all he’s heard from higher ups in the committee is that they might look into holding the convention early, possibly early April, to fully focus on Day’s campaign.

During the meeting, Louis Babcock, one of the county’s commissioners of elections, said he spoke to Sparaco and the “rumors of Sparaco running are 100 percent false.”

While updating the committee on his campaign, Day spoke about the work they’ve done so far and where they want to go from here. He said to get to the point where he has a shot at winning the election, it’s important for the party to be united, especially since there are three Democratic candidates vying for the county executive’s office.

“They are fighting out there, we are organizing,” Day said.

He also said they already have a county committee and a town committee, but they won’t be able to fully tap into the strength of the party until the official nomination.

“We’re going to have a very, very strong ground up organization to move this campaign forward,” Day said.

He added that he and his campaign staff think it’ll cost a minimum of $350,000 to run the campaign and so far they’ve raised a little more than $100,000.

“This is not big money,” he said. “This is our committee, these are neighbors, these are folks who believe in what I’ve been trying to do over a number of years. I’m proud of that. It means a lot to me.”

Day said that coming up he’ll have a variety of fundraisers, including house parties, a golf outing and an event at Boulder Stadium during a Rockland Boulders game. He also spoke about the importance of the upcoming election.

“This election is the most critical election, I think, in our lifetimes in this county,” he said.  “We are at a crossroads. It’s important that you understand that we have an organized approach, that we are looking to win.”

The only other candidate at the meeting was Judge Craig Johns, who is seeking his sixth term as a town justice. Johns, of Nanuet, said that the town court operates in the black and brings in more money through fines and penalties than it costs to operate the court.

He also said he feels it’s important to get out and campaign even though judges can’t get into their own personal thoughts on specific issues.

“It is important for us to go out and campaign and bring out our vote to support the other people that are running. Judges are a little bit more limited politically. We’re not allowed to discuss political topics, such as gun control, which is huge right now,” he said.

“We don’t make laws, we enforce the laws.”

Michael N. Hull March 01, 2013 at 02:30 PM
Andromachos comments to Independence Committee person Yularen <<<The change in the leadership in the Independence party a couple years ago, was a political coup by Mr. Sparaco for the sole purpose of seeking election. Mr. Sparaco organized his adherents to seek committee seats in order to oust Ms. Coopersmith. When it was time to obtain signatures for nomination under the Independence line, his mother in law, went so far over the line as to be criminally prosecuted based upon a complaint from the opposing candidate. The rump Independence and Conservative parties are political tokens, nothing more. In the eyes of their leadership they stand for no principle or ideal.>>> It appears to be common knowledge in Clarkstown that a similar activity is going on with respect to a take-over of the Working Families party. Signatures are apparently being collected to control the nomination of the WF line. So one now has to wonder if the "rump" Working Families party is also a "political token to be exchanged for a signature and a handshake on no principle or ideal"?
Mike Hirsch March 01, 2013 at 05:12 PM
Michael, We all know that Wayne Ballard gave Frank Sparaco $75,000 of our money to "assist" him. We also know that Dennis Malone will fire Sparaco if he is elected as Highway Superintendent this year and use that $75,000 to fix our roads rather than to just give it away for political purposes. Of course Frank Sparaco would not like to see that happen and have to go back to emptying gumball machines for a living. I suspect that He and Wayne have probably teamed up with another one of our stellar politicians, Tom Ninan, to take over the Working Family's Line. In a close election, that could make the difference.
Jack Moolick March 01, 2013 at 07:57 PM
Michael Tell me something? How can you be a member if the Independence Party, when you are NOT even a Registered Voter? Did Frank Sparaco wave a magic wand for you or perhaps you are on the old list that his Mother in Law prepared before she sent to jail?
Jack Moolick March 01, 2013 at 08:02 PM
Michael. If you are going to be a factor in this race you will have to vote and to do that you have to register first. Does Sparaco know that you ate not registered to vote?
Jack Moolick March 01, 2013 at 08:02 PM
Michael. If you are going to be a factor in this race you will have to vote and to do that you have to register first. Does Sparaco know that you are not registered to vote?


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