Clarkstown Plans To Pull Police Officers From County Narcotics & Intel Units (VIDEO)

No signed contract for 2012 and no reimbursements paid


Clarkstown Town Supervisor Alex Gromack announced Tuesday night the town would be pulling its four police officers from the Rockland County on April 15 unless there was a signed contract for 2012.  The Clarkstown Town Board voted in favor of the action. Gromack said he was prepared to return the police officers to duty on the town police force unless the county produces the $3.1 million necessary to reimburse the five towns for the officers they provide. 

Clarkstown’s action follows that of Orangetown Town Board, which voted last week to remove its officers because of the absence of the annual contract. Gromack said the other three towns in the county are expected to pass similar resolutions within the next week.

“We also have been operating without a contract from the county executive,” said Gromack.  “We’re into the third month of this year and we still don’t have a contract and that’s not a good position for us to be in.” 

Up until last year, Gromack said the county reimbursed the town fully in past years for the officers and had signed annual agreements. He said Rockland did not reimburse the town for $168,000 worth of expenses Because of the county’s financial troubles and its growing debt, he said the continuation of the task forces is uncertain.     

Although legislators found $2 million to fund the task forces, Gromack said the District Attorney has not been able to confirm he can use $1 million of county seizure funds to make up the balance. 

“What we’ve said was unless they can somehow close that gap we can’t keep funding county programs because we have responsibility to our budget and our residents,” explained Gromack. “We’ve been trying ever since to find out if the county is going to close the gap using county seizure funds of $1.1 million.” 

The towns began discussions last year when County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef said he was cutting the budget and removing the funding for the units.  He removed the task forces from his proposed 2012 budget. Law enforcement officials rallied to have the units reinstated, which the legislature did.

The resolution also noted several other programs the county had funded in the past that have been eliminated or for which may not be funded. The additional programs listed were the Board of Elections costs, the countywide mosquito control program and Hi-Tor Animal Care Center.  Gromack said the elections expenses alone could run between $300,000 and $500,000. 

Madeline March 24, 2012 at 11:36 AM
Way to go!!!! I live in Clarkstown too and I choose to be here for the same reasons... My family and I gave up 35 years of our lives in support of my husband who was a very very proud member of the Clarkstown P.D in police communications his choice, served as a volunteer fireman his choice. Many holidays, birthdays and family occassions missed to serve you the public and your families to keep you safe. I am sick of the comments and and negatives about the Clarkstown PD , time to move on!! If you have so many issues with Clarkstown move out!!!!!
Watchdog March 24, 2012 at 11:56 AM
Madaline, please, the point being made is more about the grossly overpaid and overbenefited police force that is contributing to loss of senior citizens who built that wonderful life you have and you tell them, "thanks for paying all tnose high taxes and for giving my husband that salary and pension and free medical for life by the way if you can no longer afford it Mr. & Mrs Senior Citizen, pkease move out" Pull the ladder up, I am up. I am sure that you were more than adequately compensated with double time for working those holidays In your own hometown and with the 81 days off your husband enjoyed at our expense, there was more time with with the family than anyone I know who works in the private sector. Your buddy Phil had so much time off in fact, he started another full time business.
Michael N. Hull March 24, 2012 at 05:24 PM
Drug interdiction costs the U.S. about $15 Billion per year. If we legalized drugs we could put two research hospitals in each and every State in the U.S. Let's say 1/2 of these hospitals were devoted to cancer research (that's 50!) cancer could be a thing of the past in a couple of years. Why not treat drugs like alcohol. Didn't we go down this road with prohibition?
Watchdog March 24, 2012 at 07:36 PM
Let's see, if the cops work 5 days a week, that's 260 and they are entitlled to 81 days off in their last contract, that equates to working 179 days a year with 181 day spent with their families,except of course you are Captain America aka Phil Bosco then you open and operate a full time photography business. Maybe it is me but I just don't see how that equates to "giving" up 35 years of your life when your husband works locally, has no 2 hour cmmute is 5 minutes from home for any emergency and is off 180 days a year? Can someone explain this to the senior citizen who cannot afford to live here any longer? BTW for those cops on a 4 day work week (4 on, 3 off), they work 208 days less 81 permitted off or a total of 127 days. Plenty of time for a full time outside business like Captain America.
mike sullivan March 29, 2012 at 11:03 AM
watchdog i didn't know we had a seperate language for the military


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