Clarkstown Weighing Higher Fines For Violations

Progressively heftier fines recommended for repeat offenses of town codes


Clarkstown Deputy Town Attorney Jeff Millman proposed the creation of a new fine structure for people who repeatedly violate town building and zoning codes. Millman said although the proposed progressive system would increase fines if people committed the same violations more than once, it would also make allowances for those who abated the violations.

Millman explained the new approach incorporates a step system so the fine goes up from $1,000 to $2,500 to $5,000 and potentially higher if a property owner commits the same violation. He told the town board at Tuesday’s workshop that if someone does not understand they are responsible for maintaining their property according to town code the judge and prosecution have the authority to levy fines with more “bite” to them.

Councilman George Hoehmann pointed out that for a fourth offense the fine could jump from $10,000 to $15,000.

“We’d like to get this before the town for a public hearing in the very near future,” said Millman, adding he would present the proposal at a future town board workshop.

Millman said he thought the introduction of graduated penalties would be effective, adding that the possibility of incarceration had been removed because it was never used. 

Steve Levine of Congers questioned removal of the incarceration component. He thought it would discourage habitual offenders because they weigh the penalty as cost of doing business and serving time in jail would be a harsher punishment than paying a fine.

“I can tell you no other municipality has fines like this,” said Millman.

Mr Hull...rumor has it he is going to put a drug store there..the guy is smart..i
this town guy use of the word "BITE" is soooooo maple ave.the board is expert on the use of bites...unless pictures lie..
millyman....heres a frebbie rt 304 to germonds past little strip center first left the house on the right has 2 cars with no plates....the other 4 or 5 look ok..tell your overworked code guy to get to work and try to use less overtime
peter cardiello February 20, 2013 at 02:49 AM
please these fines are such a crock when most of the waste coes from public officials and workers, it doesnt take 2 trucks and six workers to fix three pot holes and 3 ft of curb. and the most tragic of it all 5 days to cut a tree. these officials need to be fined everytime the talk
Helene Feigelman February 20, 2013 at 10:08 PM
Mr Millman,, I think that the taxpayers that have answered you on this proposal have given you answers that you should think about. The people of Clarkstown do not need more taxes. Get the money by the officals that are making to much money and the overtime that this county is paying.


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