Dan Mazzaro and Aldan Press: The Small Business in Bardonia with a Big Heart

Downtown areas, once thriving with small family-run businesses like Aldan Press are becoming fewer than all of us would like to think

If you were to ask the Executive Directors of numerous not-for-profit agencies and PTAs Presidents where they get their printing done, a fair number would reply, Aldan Press in Bardonia. Aldan is a unique family run business located in the heart of Bardonia. I say unique as small family run businesses are becoming all too few and closing up in Rockland County. Thankfully, Aldan is a vibrant and strong small business where personal service and professionalism are second to none.

I have known the owner of Aldan, Dan Mazzaro as a member of the Clarkstown Sunrise rotary for more than 11 years. His father Donald and mother Phyllis work the store and bring exceptional service at each step. Donald has spent a lifetime in the printing business going from manual typeset to digital presses. His attention to detail and quality of the product is second to none. Donald is a remarkable person, who runs the back of the store with discipline and a smile. Phyllis answers the phones, does the invoices and greets customers with lively conversation.

Dan joined his father in the business shortly after graduating from Pace University and together they have grown it into a thriving small business. They occupy a railroad flat type storefront in the Bardonia Shopping Center on Bardonia Road opening on September 1, 1994. They have grown into a full service printing store.

Aldan has two very talented graphic artists who work in the store: Dave Greenberg and Sean Wilson have been with Dan for six and four years respectively. I have worked with both who are exceptionally talented and take some pretty poor quality submissions turning them, as if by magic, into incredible pieces of literature. Often times a customer comes in with nothing more than a concept and Dave and Sean create a thing of beauty. They not only design but have a wealth of experience that they draw upon to serve customers in an exceptional manner. I am amazed how Dave and Sean make it seem effortless as they create dynamic pieces of literature.

While Dan would not like to admit it freely, he and his staff perform a great deal for charity. While he and his family never mention it—the efforts do not go unnoticed. Dan’s wife Michelle is the outgoing Elementary PTA President and the Board President of the Highview Playground Steering Committee. As with so many other charitable endeavors, Dan was asked and said yes to printing a myriad of forms and flyers well into the thousands for free. He did this without question or charge. Recently, as a board member of a small not-for-profit agency, I asked Dan for help in printing up 500 raffle tickets. Dan happily obliged and quickly, Dave created a handsome raffle ticket. The fee was negligible because it was helping others. While he does not do this with every not-for-profit, he does have a heart and so many seem to come to Aldan for the reasonable prices and exceptional service.

Dan is also an active member of the community, a former board member of Home Aides of Rockland, a recipient of the Forty Under 40 Award and a Leadership Rockland graduate. Together he and wife Michelle have two sons Nicolas and Anthony with another on the way later this year. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Nanuet Little League and a coach for his son's team. In short he is an active member of the community and a good father devoted to his family.

I am also struck by the number of elected officials who during election time use Aldan Press. I was absolutely surprised as I found out on the campaign trail in 2009 how many candidates from all parties use Aldan Press. It speaks volumes that Dan and his staff have such a broad base of clients who all rave about the service and finished product. While I have known Dan for 11 years, I have used his services in various capacities since around 2002. I have never been disappointed and found his staff to be exceptional. Above all I have come to know he, his parents and staff in this family-run business and found them to have a huge heart. Many charities ask and Aldan steps up to the plate doing quality work at reasonable and reduced prices. I doubt that you could find a customer that does not have a wonderful thing to say about Dan, Donald, Phyllis, Dave, Sean and the staff at Aldan Press.

So the next time you need invitations, business cards or other creative print material, stop by Aldan and see a wonderful small business in action. Our downtown areas were once thriving with small family-run businesses like Aldan Press; unfortunately these are becoming fewer than all of us would like to think. Thankfully, Aldan Press is thriving in the heart of Bardonia; the little store with great staff with an even greater heart. Dan Mazzaro and Aldan Press a jewel in the heart of Bardonia.

SHEILA C. MORAHAN-GICK May 19, 2011 at 03:29 PM
working in the past with many big and small businesses, it does amaze me and it IS TRUE that Aldan Press and the whole family are one of the most personable and professional businesses that I have had the pleasure of working with! thank you for all that you do- it is appreciated!


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