Digital Town Map To Appear On Web Site

Clarkstown Town Board approved updated official town map


The updated official town map approved by the Clarkstown Town Board will appear on the town’s web site in the near future.  Prior to opening a Public Hearing on the map, Town Attorney Amy Mele said the fully digitized map would enable viewers to see what actions have been taken and changes made. For example, they could learn when a road was de-mapped or dedicated. 

The town planning board and Rockland County Planning Board both approved the official map.  The county planning board made several suggestions for amending the map.

They included: adding a map date to each component and the composite map, which the town followed and consider de-mapping three segments show as rights of way along Grant and Morton Avenues in Congers, which the town will consider. Additionally, the county recommended identifying existing or paper streets and roads segments that may be abandoned, removing obstacles from rights of way and preserving some road segments or paper streets for use as trails or pocket parks. 

Mele explained at last Tuesday’s town board meeting that the map would likely be updated several times throughout the year possibly more quickly than the paper map.

“I anticipate that it will be updated several times a year as new subdivisions are dedicated,” she said. 

The board also approved a tax certiorari settlement with C&M 345 North Main Street LCC for the tax years 2008/09; 2009/10; 2010/11 and 2012/13. The reduced tax assessment for the property in New City will result in a tax refund of almost $17,000.

The 2008/09 assessment will be reduced from $1,365,800 to $1,113,100 at a cost town of $5,151.18.  The 2009/10 assessment will be lowered from $1,365,800 to $1,126,800 at a cost to the town of $3,209.06. The assessment from 2010/11 will be reduced by $4,448.67 from $1,365,800 to $1,072,200. The assessment for 2012/13 will be reduced by $4,087.49 from $1,365,800 to $1,150,000.  The total settlement amounts to $16,896.40. 


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